You want your kiddo to surf safely but even with parental controls, you’re still not 100 percent on whether to let your littles on YouTube or not. Here’s where YouTube Kids comes in and it’s time to get ready for a newer, updated version!

Google recently announced two new major improvements, one of which is a web-based version of the formerly app-only option. Now, you can enjoy not only a safer online setting for children to view their fave clips through the app, but on the web, too.

photo: Rawpixel

The second update involves a way for parents to pick from age groups that will limit content to what YouTube considers appropriate for your child’s age. The groups consists of Preschool (four and under), Younger (five to seven) and Older (eight to 12).  Along with the age group option you can also handpick “Approved Content Only” for your child to view.

If your family isn’t into the app, YouTube Kids on the Web is coming soon. While the powers-that-be at YouTube say the site is on it’s way later in the week, there’s no launch date yet.

—Erica Loop



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