It is never too early to start a discussion about race and equity with your children. There are many age appropriate resources for parents to access to help further these conversations. YouTube Kids has curated a playlist about how to talk to kids about racial injustice based on their age. 



The Togetherness playlist is made up of short videos featuring friendly characters and Sesame Street Muppets  to help teach preschoolers that all people deserve respect. 


Conversation Starters:

What are some things that make you special? What makes other people in your life special? Think about your friends, preschool teachers, or family members.

Do you know people who look different from you? What do you notice about them? (Parents, help your kids name differences – including skin color – in positive ways.)

When you don’t understand someone – perhaps because of the language they speak or because they look or act differently than your family – how do you feel?


Children Age 5 and Older

The Understanding Each Other playlist covers topics such as race, bias, activism in stories, talks and songs. There is also information regarding the civil rights movement. 


Conversation Starters:

What does it feel like to talk about race and racism? Is it difficult? If so, what are some ways you can deal with the discomfort?

What are some ways kids can make positive change in the world, especially around discrimination? 

What can we learn from the YouTube videos you watched about how people can experience the same things differently? What steps can we take to learn about other people’s experiences?

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Elly Fairytale from Pexels


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