Here at Red Tricycle we like to joke around and have a little fun — and we love people who do the same. In light of April Fool’s day, check out our favorite pranks from around the web, from other companies that love to celebrate this glorious holiday.

1. Steve & Kate Camp’s Gaming Studio, which helps kids learn necessary math skills with a side of gambling.


2. Funny teacher gives students a fake spelling test. Even we wouldn’t have passed this.


3. Wait, April the Giraffe isn’t really pregnant?

The Internet has been patiently waiting for pregnant April the Giraffe to give birth any day now, but conspiracy theorists say it’s just one long April Fool’s Day prank.

4. Skip Hop’s Serenity VR Headset gives parents a moment of peace.

When your toddler is throwing a tantrum, escape the madness with the Serenity VR (Virtual Reality) Headset.

Video: Skip Hop

5. Girl Scouts Announce New Meow Scouts

Per the Girl Scout’s website, “We’ll be announcing more about Meow Scouts and how you can get your furry friends involved this new and exciting branch of Scouting in the coming weeks.”


6. OREOS Announces All Stuff Cookies

Which one is your favorite? Did you see any others? Tell us in the comments!