Finally, a dessert you won’t feel guilty about saying yes to! Yum Actually is a brand new ice cream made with real fruits and vegetables.

Mom of three, Nicole Frankel, struggled to get her kids to eat fruits and vegetables so she decided to add them into a kid-approved favorite: ice cream. She started by adding soft and sweet options, like bananas and sweet potatoes, to homemade ice cream and her kids, who were hesitant at first, gobbled it up declaring, “It’s yum, actually,” and that’s how the company was born.

Yum Actually offers four unique and delicious flavors: Creamy Honey Banana, Caramel Sweet Potato, Yummy Mango, Butternut Squash Butterscotch and there are more coming soon. Unlike other ice creams that contain real fruit, the amount in Yum Actually is much higher, with the fruits and vegetables being the main ingredient in every flavor. They are also 40 percent lower in sugar and more than 65 percent lower in added sugar.

“Kids eat too much sugar these days. It’s a known fact,” Frankel said. “When you look at the labels of other kids’ desserts sold in stores, the added sugar content is alarming. Because we use such flavorful fruits and veggies in our frozen desserts, we don’t need to add a lot.”

Frankel’s hope is that the frozen treats will also encourage kids to try more fruits and vegetables. She says her own daughter, Eleanor acquired a taste for fresh mangoes and sweet potatoes after eating the ice cream.

Yum Actually frozen treats are sold in portable three ounce cups, with four cups in each box. They are currently only available at select retailers in New York, but hopefully it will expand to more cities soon.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Yum Actually via PRNewswire



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