Looking for the perfect gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life? (Yes, we know this could be you). YuMe Toys, an award-winning toy company, just dropped the Harry Potter Infinity Box. It comes in two versions: a 24-piece, advent-calendar style version and an 18-piece gift box. Scroll down for a sneak peek and how to get one for your little wizards.

The advent-calendar style features 24 secret compartments with marked days. It is available exclusively on Amazon.


The 18-pc version doesn’t have the days, making it a gift you can give any time. It’s  available exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Harry Potter fans will love the magical quality of the set that includes 18 or 24 hidden compartments, each one containing a secret Harry Potter treasure. Think small plushies, travel tags, pens, keychains and more.

Watch the video below to see it in action!

Available for $59.99,  24pc set on Amazon

$47.99 for the 18pc set at Bed, Bath & Beyond

—Amber Guetebier, all images courtesy YuMe Toys


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