Are you a total Real Housewives addict? There’s a new guilty pleasure reality show to watch out for: Netflix’s Yummy Mummies is an Australian reality show brought over for U.S. audiences—and we’ve got the scoop on the four stars.

With one season under its belt, the show is reported to have a second season in the works (sorry, only one season is available on Netflix). Described as a mash-up between the Real Housewives franchise and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Yummy Mummies is all about excess, lavish luxe lifestyles and “characters” who the viewers love to hate. Oh, and they’re ALL pregnant, at the same time. Seriously, check out this bonkers trailer:

Yummy Mummies allows you to follow the lives of women who say things like, “The wives want to be us and the husbands want to be with us.” And wait for it…it gets so much better/worse. In one scene from the Netflix trailer, one of the mummies gets a bouquet of money from her hubby.

Let’s meet the moms of Yummy Mummies, shall we?

Rachel Watts

She’s a retail manager for a major fashion brand who is married to a partner of a real estate agency in Melbourne. This is her first time in front of the camera, and compared to the other women of the show, is kind of laid back. (Kind of.)


Lorinska Merrington

This mama is a model who is no stranger to being in front of the camera. Her hubby also just so happens to be partner in a successful finance company—oh, and he’s a former Australian Football League player, too.


Jane Scandizzo

Scandizzo is yet another model mama to hit the reality show scene. She’s also married to a celeb hairstylist. Lucky her!


Maria Di Geronimo

As if the other mums weren’t luxe enough, Di Geronimo takes the cake. But don’t expect to see her star in Season 2. She reportedly made the decision to leave after seeing how the show portrayed her in Season 1.

You can binge hate-watch the entire first season of Yummy Mummies on Netflix.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Lorinska Merrington via Instagram 



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