Your kids have always wanted to float around in outer space. You’ve always been a thrill-seeker. Time to take your adventurous selves to the next level with a zero-gravity flight experience—without leaving the atmosphere. Yup, you read that right. ZERO-G is now booking weightless flights at an airport near you. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is It?

ZERO-G is a zero-gravity flight experience, aboard a modified Boeing-727, flown by specially trained pilots—absolutely no simulation! You’ll float, flip and soar like you’re actually orbiting the earth. The whole thing is a once-in-a-lifetime luxe experience: besides a weightless flight, you’ll get your own ZERO-G suit to keep, photos to document you actually did it, a Regravitation Celebration and more.



How Does It Work?

The plane flies in 15 parabolas to get that weightless feeling. Parabolas are flight maneuvers that create weightlessness with 45-degree angles and G-forces. The day of, you’ll be paired up with a team coach upon arrival, and will enjoy an orientation breakfast before heading to the pre-flight orientation. Once on the plane, it takes about 30 minutes to reach the right altitude, and when the signal is given, simply unbuckle and live out your astronaut dreams. Check out the video below for visuals! 

The Details

ZERO-G is the first and only FAA-approved provider of commercial weightless flights for the general public (ages 8 & up). It flies in FAA-approved airspace 100 miles long and 10 miles wide. The cost for each ticket is $4,950 + 5% tax and includes merchandise, professional photos and video, pre and post flight meals, and certificate of weightless completion. 

Flights leave regularly from Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami, with other flights leaving Washington, D.C., Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles and New York throughout the year. Click here for a full flight schedule.


— Gabby Cullen

Photos courtesy of Zero-G