Shake out the wrinkles. Tuck in the corners. Fold the sheets just so. Nobody said making your bed was supposed to be fast or fun — until now. If you’re used to hearing a groan after asking your kiddo to get his nest together in the morning, get ready for a game changer. Zipit Bedding is here and it’s an all-in-one system that lets you make your entire bed with one quick zip.


A Zipper Does The Trick
Zipit Bedding works like a sleeping bag — it’s zippered around the edges and can be closed up on all sides but the top. The real secret, though, is that its base serves as the bedsheet and actually wraps around the corners of the mattress, keeping the whole kit and caboodle in place. It comes in styles for boys and girls and is recommended for kids age 4-13 (although we’re sure some parents will want it for themselves, too). Everything can be popped into the washer and dryer as one piece. Pillowcases, which come with the bedding, have zippers too.

It’s no surprise that Zipit was invented by a mom, Jennifer Macdonald, who was tired of the daily struggle of getting her kids to make their beds. She quickly realized that by combining the fun and simplicity of a sleeping bag, with the style of modern kids’ bedding, that she would be able to solve her problem. Jennifer teamed up with her inventor-at-heart sister, Hayley Carr, to develop the product.


Pick Your Pattern
There are six styles to choose from: sports, outer space, wild animals, rocker princess, forest creatures and “sweet stuff” (think poodles, frogs and hearts). The top side glows in the dark, but the whole unit can be reversed to show off another bold graphic, ranging from stripes to chevrons. One side has a zippered pocket so kiddo can store precious cargo like a retainer, diary, flashlight or tooth fairy pillow.

Zipit Bedding fits twin beds, full beds, bunk beds, trundle beds, air mattresses and Murphy beds. Twin-sized bedding is $49.99; full-sized bedding is $59.99, plus shipping and handling. You can grabs yours online at

What do you think of this new, no-fuss bedding? Let us know in the Comments!

— Kelly Aiglon