It’s only the start of 2017, but a wicked battle is brewing in Twitter world . . . possibly the biggest we’ll see this year. Luckily this duel isn’t about politics, mommy wars, or anything else that’ll make you want to climb under a rock. This battle is full of adorable seals, monkeys, and tiger cubs. Who’s winning? You tell us.

It all started when Smithsonian’s National Zoo announced the birth of this adorable grey seal.

Then a Virginian, proud of her local zoo, challenged the Virginia Aquarium to deal the second card.

And the Virginia Aquarium played along.

But the National Zoo said nay. There was no way they’d lose to the Virginia Aquarium.

The two Twitter accounts would not stop! There was no controlling them!

Whoa! Look who showed up! The Bronx Zoo!

Oh snap! More zoos are throwing their hats in the ring.

When will this end? We hope never!

This has gotta’ be the greatest thing the Internet has brought us.

Who do you think won? Tell us in the comments below!