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Vacay at Home: 7 Days of Indoor Play Ideas

From designing a toy car speedway to working on spy tactics, we’ve put together the ultimate guide for keeping your kiddos entertained.

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boy playing with kinetic sand

15 Indoor Activities That Cure Cabin Fever

The next time the great indoors seem a bit too small for the wee ones, check out these creative activities for all ages.

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8 Great Indoor Gardening Ideas

Decorate your own mini greenhouse or put together a Zen garden. These indoor gardening projects will make you forget it’s winter.

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Head Under the Table

Amazing Indoor Fort Ideas You’ll Cozy Up To

From mega-crafty hand-sewn reading nooks to super simple blanket forts, here are 11 cool hideouts to make.

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You’ve Got Mail! 3 New Subscription Boxes to Try

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The postman — with a whole lot of surprises. Get ready for the best mail days ever.

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The Wildest Things You Can Get Delivered to Your Home

Candy from Japan, socks on a monthly basis … that’s just the beginning to the quirkiest things you can get delivered to your door!

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Apple Juice Chicken

Easy Peasy: 3-Ingredient Dinners That Kids Can Make

Apple juice chicken. Steak pinwheels. Baked rollups. Your kids will love these — so hand over a wooden spoon and get cooking!

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Fly Overnight at Museum of Flight - Seattle, Wa

Best Museum & Zoo Sleepovers in the U.S.

Ever wonder what museums and zoos are like after the lights are out? Check out these awesome overnights!

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Lights Out! 9 Ways to Play With a Flashlight

From twists on classic games to re-creating the universe in your very own home, these in-the-dark activities are a blast.

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Faux Fur Sleeping Bags

Snuggle Up: Stylish Sleeping Bags for Kids

Here’s how to rock your next slumber party, overnight or living room “camping” session. Sleep tight!

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The Most Popular Fitness Trends for Parents

Check out the wildly popular workouts that are making their mark, especially for moms and dads who are looking to feel the burn in between nap times and school pick-ups.

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Have a Freeze Dance Party

Easy (& Fun!) Ways to Work Out With the Kids at Home

From freeze dancing to good ol’ fashioned push-ups, we’ve found some cool games and tips for getting fit with your kiddos at home.

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Come Work With Us! We’re Hiring a National Editor

We’re hiring a National Editor. Click through for all the details!

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7 Post-Baby Workout Fads That Really Work

Ready to reclaim your pre-pregnancy bod, but can’t bear to do another boring sit-up? Shake things up with one of these exercise crazes.

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13 New Year’s Resolutions Every Parent Should Make

Here are ways to make each day better and brighter. Happy New Year!

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