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Tomato Soup with Roasted Bell Peppers

Take advantage of the last weeks of tomato season and usher in fall by making this delicious soup for your next meal.

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Alice in Wonderland

19 Incredible DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Steal these DIY costume ideas and get ready for a day of haunting, hugs and non-stop laughter!

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Pumpkin Butterscotch Fudge

14 Pumpkin Recipes to Try This Fall

Pumpkin innards are fun to fling around. They’re also super-tasty when you use them in a recipe! Try these kid-friendly options.

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Brickley the Sea Serpent

Crazy-Awesome LEGO Creations That Belong in Museums

Whoa! Check out the most unbelievable, brick-tastic builds out there — from a Guinness World Records-breaking tower to a life-sized dragon in a lake.

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13 Spooky-Silly Pranks to Play on Your Kids

Put the “trick” into trick-or-treat. Halloween is time to joke — all in the name of spooky, silly fun. These good-natured pranks and games will generate little scares and big laughs.

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Brick by Brick: 12 Clever Ways to Organize Your LEGOs

Ooh, those little pieces never stay in one place! Not to fear — from store-bought containers to DIY solutions, there’s a fix for your brick explosion here.

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LEGOLAND - San Diego, California

The Coolest Places in the U.S. to Play With LEGOs

Where are people going bonkers for bricks? Get the lowdown on amusement parks, classes, conventions, stores and other LEGO hotspots from coast to coast.

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Perfect Halloween Party Activities

Go beyond bobbing for apples with 9 fun-tastic activities you can do at a party or just with the fam.

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Kids Castle - Doylestown, Pa

The World’s Most Unbelievable Playgrounds

Climb a faux spider web in Japan. Swing on tires in Germany. Splash in fountains in Brooklyn. Or at least feel like you are by peeking at these inspiring pictures.

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Playground Hacks That Save the Day

A playground MacGyver? That’s you. Make the most of your outdoor adventure with easy DIY fixes for everything from splinters to slippery shoes.

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3 kids at playground

12 Ways to Jazz Up Playground Playtime

Bored with sliding, swinging and climbing? Here are fun new ways to enjoy your neighborhood stomping grounds, from impromptu obstacle courses to Indiana Jones-inspired adventures.

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Crop Hoppin': The Country’s Greatest Pumpkin Patches

The time to go picking is now. Our Red Tricycle editors did the groundwork to bring you a list of great patches from coast to coast.

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18 Pumpkin Carving Templates That Thrill & Chill

Go beyond the average jagged-mouth jack-o-lantern. Whether you want an Angry Bird, a pirate ship or cute Minion perched on your front stoop you’ll get the how-to here.

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Spider Snack

Adorable Lunch Ideas for Halloween

Get spooky all week long with these adorable lunch ideas from our friends at mom.me.

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Breakfast for Dessert

Sayonara, Sheet Cake: Original Dessert Ideas for Birthday Parties

Up the wow factor of your next birthday party (and create a new trend while you’re at it) with these 10 dessert ideas that will put the classic sheet cake to shame.

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