Thanksgiving may not be an international holiday, but with so many cultures in the United States, it’s the perfect time to express gratitude and learn a few words in a new language. Here are just 20 ways to say “thank you” in different languages from around the world. Add yours in the comments below!

Arigato (Japanese)
Asante (Swahili)

Danke (German)

Efcharisto (Greek)

Gamsahabnida (Korean)

Gracias (Spanish)

Grazie (Italian)

Hvala (Croatian)

Kiitos (Finnish)

Kop Khun (Thai)

Köszönöm (Hungarian)

Mahalo (Hawaiian)

Merci (French)

Obrigado (Portugese)

Shukraan (Arabic)

Spasibo (Russian)

Tack (Swedish)

Tak (Danish)

Takk (Icelandic)

Xie Xie (Chinese)


What are other ways to say thanks in foreign languages? Share your “Thank Yous” below!


photo: tsausawest via flickr