photo: Daniella Wride/ via Huffington Post

Seven-year-old Gianessa Wride was only recently diagnosed with alopecia, which in the last three months left her losing all of her hair. She hasn’t let her hair loss slow her down, however, and when Crazy Hair Day rolled around at school, her mom found a clever and beautiful way to help her shine. Read on to find out how she totally rocked Crazy Hair Day.

photo: Daniella Wride/ via Huffington Post

It was in January that Gianessa’s mom, Daniella Wride discovered a bald spot in her daughter’s hair. A visit to the pediatrician confirmed that Gianessa has alopecia, an autoimmune skin disease that causes hair loss on the scalp and face. Just a few short weeks after her diagnosis, Gianessa’s school was celebrating its annual Crazy Hair Day and Daniella knew she wanted to do something to help her daughter feel special. After a visit to the craft section at Walmart, Daniella came home armed with jeweled scrapbooking stickers that she planned to use to create colorful designs on Gianessa’s scalp.

Daniella explained to the Huffington Post that initially she was nervous about the idea. Since the diagnosis, she’d been worried about her daughter being bullied at school. But her idea turned out to be nothing short of amazing. Not only did Gianessa fall in love with the colorful patterns and pictures her mom designed, but her classmates did too, complimenting her on her awesome look.

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