With late season apples still in abundance there’s almost nothing you can’t do with this super fruit. From dumplings to cider to pie (of course) we’ve found 29 more reasons to keep eating that apple a day. Click through the gallery to bite in.

Brie & Apple Cinnamon Quesadillas

We love the idea of incorporating apples into a fusion-style dish. With French brie and all-American apples, these quesadillas from Amy of The Gourmand Mom (click here to get the recipe) make for an unexpected twist on a Mexican favorite. There's no doubt  your kids will love the combination of tart Granny Smiths with mild brie.

What do you like to make with apples? Do your kids gobble up Granny Smith slices or do they prefer them baked in a sweet treat? Share with us your thoughts below!

— Susie Foresman