Ever wondered what your family might look like if you starred in your very own Pixar film? Now you can find out and have some incredible artwork created at the same time.

8 hours of work for Jerem

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From the squared jaw of Carl in Up, to the incredible creatures attending Monsters University, the world of Pixar has always had a distinct look unlike any other. And now, one artist is replicating that unique style to create some stunning artwork out of snapshots. Lance Phan is a 3-D artist who has been putting his talents to work creating images of people and animals that exist in the real world, but look like they just stepped out of the latest Pixar movie.

Commission for Alyssa.

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Phan has so far recreated dozens of images in this 3-D style that are featured on his Instagram account. But if you’re dying for a Pixar family portrait, you’ll have to wait a bit and be willing to pay. Phan is currently booked for commissions, but promises to post availability on his site soon. As for the price, it varies based on the difficulty and detail of the image, but you can expect to pay around $200 to receive one image file. While his artwork includes adults, kids, and even pets, he will not do renderings of babies. Check out his Instagram feed here to see more of his impressive work.

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