Mommy Needs Coffee: 5 Kid-Friendly Spots to Get Your Java On

Some days, your faithful old coffee pot just won’t cut it. Your kids were tag-team waking you all night, you feel more hungover than you ever did in college, and if you trip one more time on the toys all over the floor, you’re going to lose it. You need to get out of the house, and you need coffee — good coffee — stat, before you transform into a permanent extra onThe Walking Dead. Luckily, there are plenty of places to get great joe with kids in tow. If you’re really lucky, you might even get to sit down for a minute.

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery
This East Atlanta gem may look like a graffittied warehouse on the outside, but don’t be deceived: on the inside, it’s Mom Mecca. Two spacious rooms are filled with plenty of tables and chairs and a good selection of comfy couches. The owners are moms themselves, so they’re understanding if your kids are trying to run to the toys while you’re ordering coffee. And ah, that coffee. Sourced from local roaster Batdorf and Bronson, Hodgepodge offers a full espresso menu and a variety of milk options (including coconut) for your dairy-free latte.

Where to play: Hodgepodge has a large corner in the back that’s just for kids. This play area offers everything from a toy box to a rocking horse and a play kitchen.


Don’t Miss: The paleo chocolate muffin. Goes well with a Mexican mocha.

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery
730 Moreland Avenue
Atlanta, Ga
Online: hodgepodgecoffeehouse.com

Drip Coffee
Tucked in the heart of the upscale Glenwood Park live/work community, just across from Vickery’s, Drip may seem more like a spot for plugging in the laptop than hanging out with kids. But the kid-sized chalkboard table offers great entertainment for artistically inclined little ones, and preschoolers will enjoy the selection of board games available to borrow. Drip also uses Batdorf and Bronson and offers almond and soy milk in addition to hormone-free dairy.

Where to play: If your kids are too energetic for art or games, grab your coffee to go and walk a block to the Glenwood Park playground, which is fully equipped with everything from swings and slides to a duck pond.


Don’t miss: The organic creamy tomato basil soup. It is heaven with an iced coffee.

Drip Coffee
928-B Garrett Street SE
Atlanta, Ga
Online: dripatl.com

Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop
Even though Joe’s doesn’t have kid activities on site, it deserves mention on this list. First, because the owners are parents, and their son can often be seen hanging out after preschool. Second, the outdoor seating area in the back is mostly fenced in and has a fountain for kids to explore. And third, because its location in the heart of East Atlanta Village means you can walk to kid attractions in either direction.


Where to play: On a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, stroll up Flat Shoals to the East Atlanta library for 10:30 am storytime. On a sunny afternoon, head the opposite direction to the playground at Brownwood Park.

Don’t miss: The crazy wall art.

Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop
510 Flat Shoals Ave SE
Atlanta, Ga
Online: facebook.com/pages/Joes-East-Atlanta-Coffee-Shop

Grant Park Coffee House
This small but prime space right across from the zoo has been home to several different ice cream and coffee spots over the years, but Grant Park Coffee House is here to stay. Owner Rahel Belfield knew Grant Park needed a kid-friendly coffee spot, and GPCH was born. The ice cream menu and its location between the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School and the zoo makes this place especially popular with the elementary school crowd.

Where to play: Take your coffee to go and walk across the street to the zoo. Or, if you’re bored of the lions, walk a few blocks up to the Grant Park playground.


Don’t miss: The chicken salad sandwich.

Grant Park Coffee House
753-A Cherokee Avenue SE
Atlanta, Ga
Online: grantparkcoffeehouse.com

Hippo Hopp
On a rainy day when your kids are bouncing off the walls, Hippo Hopp comes to the rescue. Other bounce houses may be bigger, but most of them offer — at best — only poor-quality coffee and a few snacks. Hippo Hopp skips the junk food in favor of a menu any coffeehouse would be proud of, including organic, kosher, allergenic and gluten-free options. There’s no espresso, but the freshly ground, fair trade coffee is so good, you won’t care.

Where to play: The bounce houses, the toddler climbing area and the play houses.


Don’t miss: A homemade cookie. Get your caffeine and sugar fix in one fell swoop.

Hippo Hopp
1936 Briarwood Ct NE
Atlanta, Ga
Online: hippohopp.com

Where do you like to get your java on? Tell us below!

– Lisa Baker

Photo courtesy of Hodgepodge and taken by Lynne Tanzer, the owner of Hodgepodge; Drip Coffee’s Facebook page; Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop Facebook page; Grant Park Coffee House’s Facebook page; HippoHopp website