The school day is over. The kids buzzed through their healthy snacks in two seconds and divulged everything about their day in Exactly. Three. Words. But instead of cracking the emergency bag of potato chips and setting up screen time, you thrill them with these fun, fantastically simple after school art activities. And you win. You freaking own it! Read on for everything you need to know to turn this dream into a reality.

Process Art

This is what you pictured parenthood to be like. You, relaxed, chilling to your favorite tunes while your kids be-bop around in a creative whirlwind punctuated by messy hugs and laughter. And this is how you're going to achieve it. Check out Meri's incredible tutorial at Meri Cherry on creating art while being the parent you've always dreamed you'd be. 

Materials: Canvas (any size will do), paint, sponges, rollers, or brushes

photo: Meri Cherry

How do you keep your artists active after school? No trade secrets allowed! Tell us in the comments section below. 

—Shelley Massey