The days of soggy tater tots and cardboard-stiff pizza are over. From chicken tikka masala and pasta primavera to avocado rolls and barbecue chicken wraps, today’s young foodies can order made-from-scratch meals and have them delivered straight to school. Hungry yet? Read on to find out how to upgrade your kid’s school cuisine.



Choicelunch – California

The Big Picture: Founded by a husband and wife catering team who believed that school lunches should be "freshly prepared in a kitchen and not a factory," Choicelunch lets parents browse a selection of 16 daily entrees to be delivered (in a compostable box!) just before lunchtime.

Where: San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

What's on the Menu: Kid favorites like pizza, turkey sammies and mac 'n' cheese, plus more adventurous items like avocado sushi rolls and chicken tikka masala.

How it works: Parents can order online via the mobile app and online ordering system that shows pictures of every entree. There's also a monthly subscription plan that gives parents a discount on meals.

What makes it unique: Orders can be placed months in advance—or at the last-minute. Also, to lessen its environmental footprint, Choicelunch designed its meal boxes using GMO-free potato starch and uses fresh fruit baggies made of corn.

Average cost per meal: $5.75


photo: Choicelunch

Editor’s Note: All of these companies require a partnership with a school in order to deliver lunches. If your school is not on board yet, talk to the school’s principal or food coordinator to drum up interest.

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—Melissa Heckscher

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