Fasten your seat belt: We’re taking you on a trip around the world. Click through our album to get an insider’s look at the most fascinating, colorful, engaging and all-out fantastical playgrounds out there. Climb a faux spider web in Japan. Swing on tires in Germany. Splash in fountains in Brooklyn. Or at least feel like you are by peeking at these inspiring pictures.

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens – London

Little fairies (aka: delighted children) flutter at the Climbers and Creepers play zone. The interactive English garden was built to engage elves and pixies from ages 3-9 and help them learn about the importance of plants. They can even “become insects” and climb inside a plant to learn about pollination. It’s like being on a Magic School Bus episode!

photo: Climbers and Creepers / At Large

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— Christal Yuen & Scott Wardell