Just yesterday she was toddling across the room to your arms; today she’s darting across the house on her tricycle faster than you can say, “outside toy!”  From playing make-believe and learning letters to squishing dough and riding bikes, three-year-olds are all about exploring, pretending, and creating. Take advantage of their natural curiosity, and check out our guide below to find out what’s cool for the “threenager” in your home.

Marbotic Smart Letters and Numbers

OK, so your kid is obsessed with your devices. Ours, too. But do you ever worry that your little techie is so busy tapping her fingers on a screen that she'll forget how to interact with real things, in the real world? Marbotic feels your concerns. Its Letters and Numbers kits integrate hands-on, tactile-learning with screen time. The letters and numbers are wooden and, when pressed gently to a tablet screen, react with words, sounds, and noises. The whole system is Montessori-based and helps kids with reading and vocab (Smart Letters) or counting (Smart Numbers).

Note: We recommend getting a small, soft bag to store the letters in.

Available on Amazon, $59.99 for the Smart Letters kit and $89.99 for the Letters and Numbers bundle.


What’s on your three-year-old’s list this season? Let us know in the comments!

—Melissa Heckscher




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