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Editor's Picks

12 Inspiring Mommy Calling Cards

There’s a simpler way to trading contact info. with other moms, and it’s all in the name of calling cards.

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A Pink Lemonade & Pinwheels First Birthday Party

Every sweet little girl deserves an equally sweet birthday party. Find out what made this first birthday party especially memorable.

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Chevron Punch

The 16 Most Dreamy Crib Bedding Patterns

Assembling the crib? Yawn. Picking the bedding? Yay! It sets the stage for your entire nursery, so shop around. We get you started.

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The New Way to Live Chat With Parenting Experts

Google is now helping you get answers to parenting questions. And you don’t even need to get out of your PJs or leave your couch.

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Hear From the Pros: What to Do in Your First Trimester

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s time for some new born preparation!

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Charlie by Timi & Leslie

Diaper Bag Bonanza! 16 Stylish Choices at All Prices

Is your new need for wipeable surfaces, stroller straps and multi-functional pockets cramping your style? Don’t fret. We show you carriers that go from diaper duty to date night.

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Life Hacks for New Parents (They Really Work!)

There’s no manual for having a baby … but there are life hacks! These smart shortcuts and DIY solutions help make pregnancy and childrearing easier.

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A New Baby Bed You Can Bring Anywhere

If your arms are crying out for a break from all the rock-a-bye-babying, prepare to rest easy. This new portable baby bed is a dream.

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Vintage Traveling Circus

12 Stunning Baby Shower Themes You Should Copy

Want to wow partygoers and the guest of honor? Peek inside these fantastic fetes and learn how.

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Bibs & Burp Cloths With Color That Goes Off the Richter Scale

We now break from your regularly scheduled blue and pink programming to bring you something different.

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13 Signs You’re a New Mom

There are plenty of little habits that you unconsciously adapt on the job. Recognize any of these?

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The New Free App That Makes Instant Keepsakes

You’ll never look at handprint and footprint art the same. Find out why.

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Paisley Makes You Pop

Loungewear You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Answer the Door In

Say “bye” to that old college tee and sweats. Life at home with baby gets bumped up a notch when you add comfy-cute clothes to your wardrobe.

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New & Cool: Juicing for Pregnant & New Moms

Sip, sip, hurray! Organic prenatal juices have just hit the market. Get the inside scoop here.

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Rachel Hulin

Baby Photography That Will Blow Your Booties Off

Move over, Anne Geddes. Check out how equally brilliant photographer parents are creatively capturing their little ones.

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