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The Sweetest DIY Valentines to Make With Your Little One

Let your bambino show their loves some love with one of these super-simple craft projects.

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Tip Top Shape

8 Maternity Workout Pieces You’ll Want to Live In

That baby bump is growing…and growing, but it doesn’t mean you have to forego cute workout ensembles for hubby’s old T-shirts and basketball shorts.

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Life Hacks for New Parents (They Really Work!)

There’s no manual for having a baby … but there are life hacks! These smart shortcuts and DIY solutions help make pregnancy and childrearing easier.

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Fail-Proof Secrets to Capturing Baby’s First Steps

Up your chances of catching that heartwarming wobbly first walk with these brilliant tips.

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Playhouse in Singapore

The Coolest Play Spaces in the World for Babies

From an indoor playground in Singapore to a forest-themed oasis in Los Angeles to a baby lounge in Paris, the play spaces on our list will rock baby’s world.

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8 Ways to Get Active This Winter (Baby Included!)

Keep your sanity in the blustery months and get a move on! We’ve got quick and easy tips. (Hint: Bubbles and scarves are involved.)

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Top 8 Baby Skincare Products for Winter

Those dimpled cheeks might be a little dry. And that little pouty mouth a bit chapped. Not to worry, baby, here are great remedies for winter skin.

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The Coolest Crib Bedding Trends for Your Little Bean

From tribal trimmings to Western patterns, the latest trends will make your nursery the coolest room in the house.

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12 Ways You Know Your Baby Loves You

A smooch on the face or just a perfectly clean bib — those are some of the ways your cutie pie says, “I love you.”

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8 Apps That Track Baby’s Every Move

Can’t remember every feeding, nap and immunization? Lucky for you there are lots of apps that’ll help you keep track of every little milestone more.

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Winterize! Gear & Products to Get You Through

Brace yourself for the season with warm accessories so you can both get some fresh air without freezing tiny fingers and toes.

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Chill Out! 8 Snow Sensory Play Ideas

Snow and ice have been on fire (pun totally intended) ever since Olaf showed up on the scene. From real snow bins to foamy snow play, there are cool (and safe) ways to let baby in on the frozen fun.

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New & Cool: 2 On-the-Go Feeding Helpers

One warms up milk in a flash (and keeps it warm). The other is a magic pouch system that does it all (even the feeding!). Read on for the scoop.

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Nap Time Tricks: 8 Ways to Make Shut-Eye a Snap

Getting baby to nap while the sun shines can be nothing short of a magic trick. Not to worry: You can be Houdini with these tips.

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Pilot in Training

Hot Toppers! The Cutest Winter Hats for Babes

Bundle up your little bean with one of these knit options — because you’re never fully dressed without an adorable hat.

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