Oh, Baby! Blogs Every New & Expecting Mom Should Know


Life with baby comes with a lot of firsts, and as a new or expecting mom it’s nice to feel that you’ve got a community, resources and cheerleaders in your corner. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite blogs that help you navigate the ins and outs of pregnancy, birth and beyond. You’ll get your share of laughs, too! Get scrolling, because these blogs should be on your radar from now on.

Dear Baby
You’ll love the family photos on this addicting blog. There are also cute quotes from blogger Melissa Jordan’s kids, great giveaways, spotlights on budget-friendly kids’ clothes and much more.  (Psst … you can read more from Melissa on Babble’s Baby’s First Year.)

O My Family
Head to this blog to follow the daily adventures of mom Allison, who has two sons and a very new baby. (Congratulations, Allison!) We admire her because she’s been pregnant, nursing or both for well over three years. You’ll enjoy reading about her “hippie mom” life, which includes thoughts on cloth diapering, breastfeeding advocacy, natural childbirth, babywearing and more.

Workout Mommy
Finding time to put fitness in a busy mom’s schedule is no easy task. But this awesome blog is a game changer when it comes to inspiring parents to exercise after baby. Get workout ideas and plenty of motivation from this helpful site.

Baby Dickey
Baby Dickey is a family/lifestyle blog run by mom Emily. Emily writes about parenting her two kids, crafts, recipes and other general tips. She’s also passionate about birth advocacy and women’s health, and focuses on birth options and evidence-based practice.

Hello Bee
Hello Bee is a new online parenting community by Bee Kim about conception, pregnancy and parenthood. Dig into posts from real moms and moms-to-be, plus forums that are full of advice about every parenting topic under the sun. There’s also a great DIY section.

Birthing Beautiful Ideas
This is your source for info about pregnancy, birth, parenting, feminism and more. You’ll even get some recipes and a bit of snarky storytelling thrown in, and the combination makes for a totally addicting read. Written by Kristen Oganowski (a writer, birth doula and PhD student in philosophy from Columbus, Ohio), this is a site you need to bookmark now.

Mom blogger and breast-feeding advocate Maryam Fortuna created Milk-Friendly because she didn’t want to lose her sense of fashion and style while breastfeeding. Readers of her amazing blog can find fashion ideas that fit in with a parent’s new lifestyle, and at the stores they already know and love.

Chic & Cheap Nursery
This fantastic blog is updated constantly and features budget-friendly design ideas for your little one’s nursery. It’s an especially great resource if you’re addicted to cruising upscale décor sites. At Chic & Cheap, you’ll discover you can decorate a room without breaking the bank or sacrificing a theme you have your heart set on.

DIY Maternity
Resourceful soon-to-be mamas flock to this site, where there’s an endless array of money- and fashion-conscious ideas from expecting moms. Find out how to repurpose non-maternity clothes and try some of the easy sewing patterns, tutorials and other projects that are posted regularly.

This award-winning blog covers everything from fashion and travel to maternity style and more. It’s a nice read — with lots of eye-candy photos, to boot.

Pregnant Chicken
Think of Pregnant Chicken as a pal that keeps you informed and smiling during each trimester and beyond. There’s a lot to love about this blog: the pregnancy calendar, fab giveaways and the Ask the Chicks section, just to name a few.

Birth Without Fear
This is a truly inspiring site for expecting mamas. You’ll find first-hand accounts from mothers who have been there, done that — plus, photos and other helpful tidbits.

Snarky Mommy
Amy, the mom behind Snarky Mommy, is also the author of Over My Dead Potty and Baby Bumps. Her blog is full of funny moments because Amy is totally willing to poke fun at herself and get real about the ups and downs of mommyhood.

Momista Beginnings
Momista Beginnings is run by mom and art teacher Misty, who shares the latest happenings of her family, art projects for kids, recipes, product reviews, the story of her daughter’s birth story, and more. We especially like that Misty encourages an exchange of stories and tips from her readers.

Giving Birth with Confidence
Giving Birth with Confidence is a supportive online community for pregnant women. Its bloggers are all experts in the field of birthing and include experienced moms, nurses, midwives, doulas, maternal mental health advocates and other pros.

Hello Jack
This is a great source for stylish moms looking for all the greatest kid- and mom-centric decor, fashions and products. The blog master is a mom to a three-year-old boy and enjoys scoping out stylish stuff for her readers. Check out her recent 2013 holiday gift guide for toddlers, then browse the whole site for chic mom inspiration.

Mama Birth
The mama behind this addictive blog has four kids — each with a different birth experience. She’s devoted her blog to sharing her personal story, as well as those of others. Head here to celebrate birth, learn a thing or two about the blogger’s Birth Boot Camp and The Bradley Method, and much more.

You Can’t Call It “It”
This blog is an great place to turn when you feel like you’ve been playing the name game since your little one was just a twinkle in your eye. Sort through names by style and type, and you’ll stumble upon lots of humorous but informative posts, as well. (Be on the lookout for the ever-popular “7 Deadly Trends” post.)

The DIY Mommy
For creatively-gifted mamas (or those who aspire to be so), this blog is the ultimate in things crafty and baby-centric. It’s all about making things for mommy, baby and home. It features free sewing patterns and tutorials, family-friendly recipes, decor ideas, knit and crochet patterns and DIY mommy business advice.

Cool Mom Picks
Not only is Cool Mom Picks a recent Totally Awesome Award finalist for best Mom & Dad Blog, it’s also one of the best cyber-shopping buddies around. The expert moms behind this site weed through products and show you only the coolest stuff. They understand that you’re looking for quality, style, affordability and character.

Yep, it’s another baby name blog! You might be aware of this one already, but it’s worth noting that its popularity grows every day. Nameberry has a massive name database of more than 50,000 names and an easy-to-navigate site.

Belly Itch
If you like to indulge in celebrity baby news and the latest famous baby fashion, keep this great blog on your docket. In addition to fun gossip, you can also find product and book reviews, plus parenting tips.

My Green and Natural Pregnancy
On this blog, mom of three Elizabeth shares holistic tips for pregnancy and childbirth. She divulges what she has learned through her own delivery experiences, offers tips for reducing toxins in your diet and gives inspiration for having a healthier lifestyle.

I Like Beer and Babies
Get ready to snicker, and snicker good. This blog is just the right blend of snark, playfulness and honesty from a mom who knows how to draw you in with a good story or topic (and maybe some choice swear words). Look for posts such as “How to Survive the Princess Stage” and “Dear Santa, Suck It” for a good laugh.

Cloth Diaper Geek
For all your cloth diapering questions and beyond, Cloth Diaper Geek is a blog full of answers and interesting posts. Discover the best small cloth diaper businesses, try out the cloth diaper calculator, enter awesome giveaways and collect tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.

— Abigail Matsumoto

Photo courtesy of Paul Inkles via Flickr Creative Commons

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