Can’t wait to find out if you’ll be buying pink or blue clothes? Even if you plan on finding out the gender of your baby, you might still find yourself trying to Sherlock Holmes it on your own before your ultrasound scan. We’ve compiled 15 of the most fun, and dare we say, off the wall ways, to predict if your baby will be a boy or a girl. Unfortunately, we don’t guarantee their accuracy.


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1. Breaking out.  If your skin has been dewey and you’ve had that luscious pregnancy glow, chances are that you’re having a boy according to this old wive’s tale. If you’ve had break-outs and skin issues galore, that girl in your womb is trying to steal your thunder.

2. Boobage. Look at your breasts in the mirror, if your right one is larger than your left, you are having a girl. If your left breast is larger than your right, it’s a boy.

3. Chinese Gender Chart. You can always consult a Chinese gender chart which takes your age and the month you conceived in and comes up with either a girl or boy.


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4. Kickin’. Energetic babies in utero are thought to be boys. Chill babies in the womb are predicted to be girls.

5. Drano.  Pee in a cup (you should be a pro at this by now) then mix 1 TBSP of drano. Green means it’s a girl. Blue means it’s a boy. (Be careful with this one. Drano can be toxic, so please wear gloves or have your partner do this experiment.)

6. Headin’ Out. Before your baby heads out, check out their head on the ultrasound pic. If it’s a square shaped noggin’ then it’s a boy, if it’s a rounder head, then it’s a girl.

8274931994_f5462a8ce5_zPhoto: geir tonnessen via Flickr

7. Swingin’ For the Trees. Grab a ring and some string. Lie down on your back and have someone hold the ring by the string over your belly. If the ring swings in a circle, it’s a girl. If it swings back and forth then it’s a boy.

8. Linea Negra. That dark line that runs from your pubic bone straight up the center is said, by some, to be an indicator of gender. If the line stops at your belly button, it means you’re having a girl. If the line continues up to your ribs and chest, it’s a boy.

9. Heart Rate. The faster the heart rate, the more like you’re having a girl. The slower the heart rate (below 140 beats per minute) the more likely you’re having a boy, goes the old wives tale.

woman with donut via pixabayPhoto: via Pixabay

10. Cabbage. Grab a head of red cabbage and boil it in some water. Save the red cabbage water and mix it with your urine in a cup. If the water turns pink, it means a girl is on its way. If the water is purple, then it’s a boy.

11. Baking Soda. Since you have to pee all the time anyway, pee in a cup one more time. Drop in some baking soda. If it fizzes then it’s a boy, if it doesn’t do anything then it’s a girl.

12. Cravings. If you’re craving salty foods then you’re pregnant with a boy. Are you jonesin’ for something on the sweeter side? Then it’s a girl you’re carrying.

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13. Mayan Prediction. This one is similar to the Chinese gender chart. The Mayans take the mama’s age when they conceived and add it to the year the baby was conceived. If it’s an odd number then the baby is boy. Even means it’s a girl.

14. Morning Sickness. If your morning sickness lasts beyond the first trimester, lots of people think that you’re carrying a girl. If you’re good to go and your sickness subsides, or you didn’t have any to begin with, then it’s a boy.

15. How You Carry. If your baby is looking like a basketball, it could be that you’re having a boy. If your baby bump is more spread out across your waistline, then it’s a girl.

As you might have already guessed, these are highly unscientific ways to find out what gender you’re having. In fact, most of these are old wives’ tales that have been floating around for ages. If you want to have some fun and test these methods out, please do and let us know what you find out! Remember, none of these replace an ultrasound scan or waiting until baby arrives to confirm whether it’s a boy or a girl.

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Did you have a feeling you were having a boy or a girl? Were you right? Tell us your story in a Comment.


-Sarah Blight