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Wicker Park / Bucktown

Ding Dong! Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods You Have to Hit

Get your bell-ringing fingers ready and your treat bag prepped. We know which doors you should hit this Halloween.

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2 New Coworking With Childcare Options

Here’s the scoop on businesses that provide you with quiet working space (WiFi included!) and your sidekick with a supervised place to play (toys included!).

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6 New Restaurants That are Majorly Kid Friendly

Polish donuts. Meatball sandwiches. Nutella empanadas. There’s lots for kids to be excited about at the Chicago eateries that opened this fall.

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Pim & Pom

What to See at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Move over, Olaf. There’s something even cooler coming to the big screen. Here are our picks for what to see among the nearly 300 films from close to 40 countries.

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A Secret Play Space That’s Red-Hot

Sound the alarm! If you have a firefighter fan in the family, this is the hidden-gem play space you have to try.

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13 Spooky-Silly Pranks to Play on Your Kids

Put the “trick” into trick-or-treat. Halloween is time to joke — all in the name of spooky, silly fun. These good-natured pranks and games will generate little scares and big laughs.

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For Fancy Footwork: Knoch Park

Monkey Around! Best Playgrounds for Climbers

We went up ladders, got lost in jungle gyms and scaled walls in search of the best playgrounds for climbers. Get ready to go bananas — because here they are.

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Cool Candy Shops You Might Not Know

Skip the mini Snickers and explore local candy shops that offer something new — in both flavor and ambience.

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New in Town: A Genius Store for Baby Gear

Give this boutique a big smile and friendly “coo.” It may change you and your baby’s world for the better.

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Oven Baked Fried Chicken

For a healthy alternative to traditional fried chicken, check out this baked chicken recipe courtesy of the Culinary Dude.

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Just Opened: A Fun-tastic Game Store for All Ages

Get your dice-rolling hands ready and put your thinking caps on — you’re not going to want to miss this new shop.

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Boo Bashes! Halloween Events You Shouldn’t Miss

Jump on your broomstick and head everywhere from a dance party to a date with Dracula. We tell you where you’ll have a howling good time.

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The Most Adventurous Kids’ Menus in Town

It’s okay to just say “no” to chicken nuggets. In fact, some restaurants encourage it! Find 9 great spots here.

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Field Day! Local Corn Mazes to Get Lost In

Lace up those walking shoes and check out this year’s crop of labyrinths located just a kernel’s throw from Chicago.

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For the Whole Family: Fantasy Costumes

8 Halloween Costume Shops That Rock

Check out our list of shops from Logan Square to Bolingbrook and get your doorbell-ringing fingers ready!

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