This is a city of multi-talented mamas. They work, cook, craft, keep the carpool ticking and the kids entertained — all with an upbeat attitude and their sanity intact. 

Oh, and they blog, too.

Whether you’re looking for practical parenting tips, honest product reviews, the neighborhood scoop or just a hilarious story or two, you’ll find a local blog worth bookmarking. Here are our favorites.

Wee Windy City Mom-about-town Caitlin writes with refreshing honesty and humor. She posts about everything from her favorite sledding hill, to new museum exhibits, to craft projects invented by hers truly. It’s part city guide, part family album and always a delight.


Pinwheel Chicago Longtime journalist Rebecca has made a career of knowing where the hottest trends, best sales and spot-on services can be found. A mom of two, she dishes retail news from local shops and online sources (we adore her recent consignment sale calendar). If you’ve ever thought shopping for your little sidekick was a chore, Pinwheel will change your mind.

Food Family & Finds Blogger Cat is a self-taught graphic designer who enjoys photography and sharing her love of cooking and cake decorating. In addition to product reviews and recipes, she writes about her family and life’s big adventures.

Self Made Mom Everything on blogger Sara’s site comes from one place: the heart. She alternates between personal essays about parenting (we loved her recent post on over-programming her sons) and product and activity recommendations. Once in awhile, she waxes political (ahem, gun control) and we love her for it.

Sassy Moms in the City Live the fabulous life via this online portal of all things stylish and chic. Blogger Alison is big in Chicago’s social circuit and transmits her keen eye for fashion and beauty to her continually updated website. Along with info on sales, product reviews and healthy eating tips, we love the inspiration boards that put together outfit ideas by color and trend.

What’s That Smell? The mama behind this blog is Kim, a self-proclaimed health geek who doesn’t promote products that contain preservatives or GMOs. She loves to cook and share recipes. She has two kids and sharp wit that we’re sure must leave her girlfriends in stitches.

Swirleytime Blogging since 2010, Annie shares her humorous musings on life as a mom in the windy city. From DIY projects to anecdotes about parenthood, Annie covers a variety of topics that grant a glimpse into her sharp and witty stream of consciousness.

Making Time for Mommy Blogging mama Alicia covers a lot of ground with ease. She writes about frugal shopping, local events, homemaking, giveaways, recipes and her experiences with her two special-needs kids. Bonus: Her blog design is clean, modern and inspiring.

Mom and More A stay-at-home mom to three kids, Cher offers product reviews and giveaways on her blog because she wants to help others make educated purchases and save money. Also on her radar: tasty recipes, hot deals at local businesses and book reviews.

Toddling Around Chicagoland While looking for things to do with her boys, full-time mom Sarah was surprised at the lack of information. She started her awesome blog as a resource for other Chicago-area parents to find fun local adventures.

Tots to Teens This blog is an offshoot of the Tots to Teens online magazine, which provides parents with tips on products and parent/child relationship building. Find everything from crafts to decor to reviews to hot family-related topics.

Momma Cuisine  Johanna M. Cook hosts a food-related video series. Her site shows families that great everyday meals can be done with simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques. Check out her recipes (including special kid-friendly and gluten-free options), as well as parenting, healthy living, and home and garden posts.

West of the Loop Follow blogger Emily on a journey through the ups and downs of parenting and feeding her family. She dishes techniques and recipes, and makes a special effort to explore new  ingredients, especially from her local farmers’ markets. Also on her radar: books and fashion.

Chefdruk The talented mom behind this blog is a French foodie recently transplanted from the New York area to Chicago with her husband and four kids. She grew up in France, but has lived all over and her joie de vivre extends to her love of cooking and family fun. Look for easy and delicious recipes, travel adventures and musings on parenting.

And Twins Make 5 Stephanie has — you guessed it — five kids. On her blog, she delves into day-to-day experiences as a mom and indulges in her passions: kids, photography, party planning, adventuring, shopping, decorating and cooking.

Look It’s Megryansmom Rita is a mom and stepmom to four grown children and three dogs. Just as life was slowing down, along come some very handsome grandsons. She was thrust back into the world of toddlers and preschoolers and writes about this and more on her entertaining blog.

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom Agnes is a stay-at-home mom of two super-busy kids. Her blog is a collection of moments from their lives, as well as product reviews. She’s a brand ambassador for several companies and enjoys spreading the word about the little things that make her family members’ lives easier and more fun.

Parent Sphere Get the scoop from Amy on toys, baby gear, apparel, books, music and more. You’ll also find giveaways, craft ideas, local event shout-outs and fitness tips.

The Little Style File Betsy and Kristin have a business doing styling services for the entire family. Their blog features pretty photos of children and moms, personal shopping tips, product reviews, giveaways and insider advice on the latest trends for families.

Help! Mama Remote… Living in the south suburbs, 30-something miles from downtown, Nicole wishes she could program her husband, mute the children and power forward her business. She writes about everything from fashion and family to gardening and social media.

Peanut Butter in My Hair Welcome to “the sticky side of motherhood.” Melissa left the city for the suburbs and dreams of a clean kitchen. She writes with humor about parenting and life in general, even delving into her experiences with miscarriages and postpartum depression.

Marketing Mommy Alma is a mom of two girls and also a marketer to moms. She writes about parenting, work, Chicago-area wind chills, traveling and anything else that’s on her mind.

The Night Owl Mama This blog is the place to go for no-holds-barred reviews and consumer tips. Blogger Tricia shares her opinions on products she and her family use, and also doles out advice on topics like recovering lost gift cards. Family photos and videos help you make a more informed decision about the way you shop.

Hormone-Colored Days  Kim has been a dolphin trainer, corporate creativity trainer and potty trainer. Now the mom of two gifted teen boys, she writes, speaks and consults on social media. Also, she’s renovating a house. Oh, and she likes to blogs about book reviews, crafts and local events. You guessed it: She’s a busy girl.

ChiIL Mama Bonnie is a bona fide culture vulture. She blogs about Chicago theater, multicultural events and live concerts. She also hosts giveaways and seeks out products and places of interest to tweens. Consider her the authority on the offbeat, alternative and ecofriendly.

Mummy Deals This is an awesome website by a “mum” who knows the challenges of deal hunting with kids. Originally from England, Clair teaches readers how to coupon, meal plan, find bargains and pay it forward on a budget.

Nap Warden When she’s not chasing toddlers or designing fabulous websites, busy mom Cynthia blogs about motherhood and what it’s like to live in the middle of Chicago.

Undercover Mother A journalist by nature and profession, Hyacinth has been on assignment covering the foreign land of motherhood for five years. On her blog, she tackles subjects like faith, marriage, organic living and Curious George.

My Crafty Life Jen is a crafty, 30-something mom of three and wife of a truck driver. Her blog includes product reviews, giveaways, book reviews, recipes and crafts.

What’s Cookin’ Chicago? Joelen is a food enthusiast with a deep passion for cooking, baking and learning anything related to the culinary arts. This blog captures her adventures in and out of the kitchen, most of which involves entertaining her family and friends.

A Grace Full Life Blogger Kari is a stay-at-home mom to two funny and loving girls. She loves to decorate and organize her home on the cheap, keep up on celebrity news and share craft ideas.

Chi-Town Mommy Mayhem This blog was started by three full-time working mommies: two first-time parents and one veteran. Together, they talk parenting, poop and pets. Sit back and enjoy reading about their real-life experiences and opinions that are anything but sugar coated.

Polish Mama on the Prairie Originally from Poland, this blogging mama now lives outside Chicago with her husband and two daughters. She loves camping, hiking, history, traveling and learning new languages. She writes about all of this, in addition to her passion for cooking, family and the ecofriendly.

Only Laila Laila started her blog in 2010 as a place to share her journey as a single mom who works outside of the home. She writes about solo parenting, religion and more.

Kelly’s Lucky You! This is a fun, energetic blog full of thoughts on family fun, bargains, contests and new products. We love her reviews of books, movies, television and music.  And since the overarching theme is feeling lucky, you’ll find lots of giveaways, too.

Little Tech Girl The mama behind this blog is Kris, mom to two sets of twins, photography nut, gadget addict and web designer. She writes about her love of tech, social media and keeping up with the latest.

Hannemaniacs Lisa is mom to two young boys and a new baby girl. From the suburbs, she blogs about parenting, healthy living, books and lots more.

My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings This blog is run by work-at-home mom Lisa, who lives in the Chicago area with her husband and two children, ages 8 and 5. She started blogging to keep in touch with long-distance family and friends and learned she could help others with her experiences.

A Savings WOW! Started by a happily married couple with four kids, busy lives and ever-growing expenses, this blog is a great resource for how to save money on everyday purchases.

She’s Write Blogger Melanie is a mom of two, a wife and a career woman with a love of food, red wine, fashion … and writing about all of the above. With her blog, she hopes to validate moms in thinking that they’re not crazy and reassure career women that this crazy ride is, indeed, tough.

Suburban Scrawl Melissa has stories to tell about parenting teens, fitness, her love for Chicago, travel and lots more. She is also currently a Featured Blogger for Hallmark’s “Life Is A Special Occasion” campaign, writes offline as a freelancer and is the author of two books.

Frosted Fingers Blogger Paula is a mom of three who loves to cook and bake. Her blog is a creative outlet of kid-friendly recipes and cooking fun. She makes a recipe a week (check out Taste-Test Tuesday) and is a great resource, no matter what kind of meal plan you’re on.

Chitown Cheapskate Rita is always trying to stretch a buck. Her blog is a great community of people  “addicted to saving,”and she offers coupon strategies, deals and savings tips. 

Sabby in Suburbia Sabby is a busy working mom to two wild little boys and a patient husband, who is living the American dream in the ‘burbs. Her pretty, fun blog features DIY projects, recipes and photography.

Tiaras & Tantrums In addition to being a blogger, Theresa is a photographer, homeschooler, social media expert and self-proclaimed city girl. Her blog showcases her beautiful photography and her musings about the highs, lows and adventures of motherhood.

Foodmomiac Danielle is the quintessential food lover. On her modern blog, she dishes intricate recipes and personal stories about her cooking adventures and life with kids.

Baby Gizmo Blog Hollie is the mom who takes the strollers off the shelf and products out of the box. She buys, tries and is not afraid to return. Over the years, her product research skills expanded to include calls to manufacturers, trips to industry trade shows and the eventual creation of The Baby Gizmo Company. This offshoot blog provides parents with up-to-date news and reviews that parents can trust.

The Working Mom’s Travels Blogging mom Francesca created her blog to share her travel experiences and prove it’s possible for a working mom to hit the road with her family in a meaningful way. When she became pregnant in 2008, she heard variations of the same sentiment:  “Your traveling days are over.” Her blog proves this wrong and is a great resource for moms who love to jetset.

A Windy City Momma This blog follows one mom’s experiences in the suburbs, where she grows a mostly organic garden in the neighborhood she calls Utopia/Pleasantville. She writes about healthy eating, pets and, of course, mommyhood.

Journey of 1000 Stitches Brandie is a stay-at-home mom of three and loves to indulge her creativity by making things. Her blog explores getting crafty while being a cancer survivor, mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Becoming SuperMommy The super mom behind this blog is an artist, writer and part-time student of Urban Policy and Public Administration. Her posts show her love of cooking, sewing and supporting worthy causes.

HOO-DEE-HOO Meredith is a full-time mom of two young boys who blogs about the challenge of maintaining her vengeful girlie side in a home fueled by undistilled testosterone. She’s a stiletto-wearing, scooter-riding, social media savvy mom next door. She’s also a mom in demand; she writes two monthly columns for Chicago Parent  and is the host of their online style and beauty video series “Trending.”

Mom Fuse Jessica started Mom Fuse while she was pregnant and on bedrest with her twins in 2008. The blog quickly grew and today is a resource for recipes, honest reviews and fabulous finds. Jessica also strives to promote moms who own their own businesses.

Nutrition Unplugged Janet is a writer, registered dietitian and mom of twins. Her passion is translating nutrition science into easy-to-digest words — and healthy food choices. With her blog, she connects people to the resources they need to debunk nutrition myths, enjoy good food and improve their health.

Did we miss your fave Chicago mom blogger? Fill us in below!

-Abigail Matsumoto