Skeptics who said small-batch donuts would be a passing fad are eating their words. Business is booming here in Chicago, with new stores opening faster than you can pronounce “Valrhona.” Even better news: They’re all kid approved. Click through our album to discover the donut hotspots that you and your sidekick need to sink your teeth into now.

For a Fun, Old-Time-y Vibe: Stan’s Donuts

Our Fave: Nutella Banana Pocket

Why We’re Sweet on It: It’s a hefty square that packs Nutella and banana slices in a delicately crunchy shell — it’s like the deep-dish donut, and therefore a Chicago sweetheart. If you’re a cookie butter fan, try the Biscoff pocket instead.

The Digs: From the decorative KitchenAid stand mixers on the wall to the retro floor tiles, the place feels like a cozy old soda shop. So while there’s seating and a stroller-friendly ramp, you’d have to make some very tight turns — leave your jogger at home. Psst ... Lakeview residents, rejoice; the new location on Clark and Diversey opens in April.

Perks: If the 30+ flavors aren’t enough, you can also get gelato, Goose Island root beer, cream soda, an almond milk latte or Intelligentsia teas. Follow on Facebook so as not to miss the annual kids event where your pastry chef-in-training decorates and brings home six mini donuts.

1560 N. Damen Ave.
Wicker Park

  • For a Fun, Old-Time-y Vibe: Stan's Donuts
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Where do you satisfy your donut craving? Let us know in the Comments!

— Selena Kohng