If your kids would rather play with their food than eat it, well, you’re not alone! We’ve put together some ideas to bring creativity to the table using an all time kid favorite food: the hot dog! These funny creations are simple (in fact, most of them only require a hot dog, knife, and mustard or ketchup) and will inspire your kids to actually play with their food for once without being on the receiving end of a stern reprimanded.

The Caterpillar
Let’s start with this fun caterpillar creation. First cut the dog in half length-wise and then into slices. Arrange the bits into a curvy line, add eyes and legs with your kids favorite sauces like ketchup or mustard, and ta-da, you’ve got a caterpillar hot dog!

The Rabbit
All you’ll need is two dogs and a knife for these funny bunnies. Your kids will love how their hot dog resembles a rabbit.

The Jellyfish 
A special thanks to Dabbled who provided step by step instructions (and photos) to help us non-creative types make this hot dog spaghetti jellyfish. We think that these creepy creatures make for a perfect spooky Halloween treat.

The Octopus 
All you have to do to make this hot dog octopus is cut the hot dog so it includes eight legs prior to boiling. It’s that simple. And don’t forget about the mustard face!

The Crab
Cut the dogs in half length-wise, then cut the two pieces in half. Make three slices on each side of each slice for the leg. Try using some Spaghetti O’s for the eyes and some black pepper for the eyeballs!

The Sweet Heart 
Show your little ones how much you love them! Start by slicing the hot dog from around a centimeter from the top, allt he way to the bottom. Then peel the two sides down to make the heart.

The Mummies
All you have to do is wrap the dogs in some dough (store bought or homemade). Remember, the messier the wrapping job the better cause you’re wrapping mummies not presents!

The Creepy Crawlers
Wrap the little dogs in some crescent rolls and save some extra dough for the legs and eyes. Since the dough is sticky it should be easy to attach the extra bits and pieces with just a pinch.

The Pac Man
All you have to do is cut your dog into bits, then find your kid’s fave yellow fruit to make a pac man face. Use the fruit’s seed for the eye and slice out a triangle for the mouth. The below photo and creation comes to us courtesy of Red Tricycle’s editorial intern!

Do your kids love playing with their food? Let us know some of the fun creations your fam has created over the years in the comment section below!

–Parham B.