Kids love construction projects. Well, how about a few completed projects that look like they stepped out of a fairy tale, were crafted out of 20 years worth of junk, or seemed to be swaying to the music? We found some of the coolest (and wackiest) architectural designs out there, so flip through the gallery below and be sure to share your favorites with budding builders!

America’s Bread Basket – Newark, Oh

One of America’s cool and curious oddities, the basket building was the headquarters of (surprise) basket-making company Longaberger. Easily visible from the highway in Newark, it’s become a photo-worthy stop for those traveling through Ohio. Currently, the building is in foreclosure, as no one seems to be in the market to buy a giant picnic basket. We’re just glad there are no ants to go along with the basket!

photo: haRee via flickr



Which wacky design is your favorite? Share in a comment below! 

—Gabby Cullen