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Editor's Picks

Just Opened: A Big Maze That’s Big Fun

Opening for the summer in the west end of the National Building Museum’s main hall, the maze is an 18-foot high, 60 feet by 60 feet maple plywood labyrinth that will give kids a big thrill as they explore every nook and cranny.

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The Grill Deal: 7 Hot Dog Joints to Try This Summer

Hungry? From traditional beef dogs to vegetarian, seafood and dessert options, here are the hottest hot dog spots in the D.C. metro area.

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On the Right Track: Quick Trips for Kids Who Are Obsessed With Trains

Does your little one go gaga for choo-choos? Does Brio blanket his bedroom? Hop on one of these trains or trolleys for a life-sized experience.

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9 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Sifting through all of the things to do and see during warm weather months can be overwhelming. But don’t sweat it. We’ve consulted with the experts (our D.C. staffers) to find out what you should put on the top of your summer bucket list.

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The Fountains at Friendship Park

Water, Water Everywhere: 11 Incredible Spraygrounds

From toddlers to teens, these area spraygrounds keep kids entertained for hours (especially if you “sprayground hop”). All you’ll need is a towel. Ok, and maybe some sunscreen.

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From Blues to Bee-Bop: D.C.’s Kid-Friendly Jazz Concerts

Between the vacations, the visits from grandparents, overnight camp, birthday parties, and weekend barbecues, summer—in all of its warm weather glory—can be downright hectic. Unwind with the whole family at one of these free summer jazz concerts.

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Butler’s Orchard

9 Outdoor Party Places for Kids with Summer Birthdays

These awesome outdoor birthday spots will put the thrill back into your kid’s birthday celebration, and not just the younger guests. Some of these venues promise to put a capital F in Fun for parents too!

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Local Shake Shacks You’ll Want to Visit More Than Once

Keep cool with these tasty, kid-friendly cups of uber thick, handspun goodness that will have everyone saying “more please.”

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Gone Glamping! Fun Cabin Sites for Camping Newbies

Check out the coolest cabin campsites that are under a two hour drive from downtown D.C., so if it does happen to rain on your s’mores parade, you’re only a short drive back home. Happy camping!

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Meet the Newest (and Coolest) Art Space in Town

If your budding Martha Stewart goes through acrylic paint like it’s apple juice, you might want to take them to Make Meaning, a just opened DIY haven in the heart of downtown Bethesda where drop-in crafting takes center stage.

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Great Lakes: 5 Awesome Watering Holes Near D.C.

Whether you’re looking to hitch the kids to the back of your shiny new jet ski, or glide through gorgeous blue waters in a lazy canoe, the D.C. area has some of the most beautiful lakeside destinations in the country, all just a few hours from downtown.

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Visit a Cool Museum

7 Rainy Day Activities for D.C. Kids

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but there’s no need to be boring! The nation’s capitol is a city of monuments, memorials and museums, and the greater metro area offers dozens of activities that keep kids busy, no matter what the chance of precipitation is.

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mommy boot camp

Plus One: D.C.’s Baby-Friendliest Fitness Classes

If you’ve memorized every move of every workout DVD in your stash (boooorrrring), switch things up at a local fitness class where bambinos are always welcome.

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Super Soakers: The District’s Best Play-In Fountains

In the last few years the nations’ capitol has upped its game and brought in the best (and free), super-soaking fountains to dip your toes in or even go knee-deep. Here are our favorites.

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A Walk in the Park: Getting to Know Wheaton Regional

Dust off those sandals and break out the picnic blanket, here’s why Wheaton Regional Park is a must-visit for every D.C.-area kid.

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