Forget about trying to coax your kiddo into eating all their veggies and give it to them straight: in juice form, that is. The following juicing recipes for kids are big on yummy flavors and vitamins, making them the perfect easy breakfast-on-the-go or afterschool pick-me-up, especially during cold and flu season. Click through the 13 recipes below to get your daily dose.

Thomas’ “I won’t eat chicken, but I’ll drink kale” Juice

This recipe comes to us from Red Tricycle’s own Director of Sales, Charina Lumley. She makes this juice on a daily basis for her son Thomas, who prefers his morning juice from his special snowman sippy cup.

3 Romaine lettuce leaves
2 kale leaves
1 cup spinach
1 handful of baby carrots
1 Fuji apple (or similar sweeter variety)
1/2 Navel orange (or 1 clementine)

Wash fruits and vegetables. Juice greens followed by fruits. Immediately serve in your kiddo’s favorite sippy cup and enjoy.

Yields one 8-10oz serving

Photo courtesy of Charina Lumley.

Tips for juicing:

– Combinations of ingredients are super important, especially when maximizing the juice’s nutritional value without compromising flavor. While you may be a fan of mixing a whole mess of fruits and veggies together, your kiddos might want something a little less adventurous.

– Certain foods like ginger can overpower or mask other flavors, so use them sparingly.

– You can increase the fiber content by blending the pulp and combining it with your juice for an extra healthy boost without the “no pulp” whine.

–If you don’t have a juicer, try parboiling or partially baking root vegetables like carrots and beets to make them soft enough to whip in a blender.

Have you introduced juicing into your kid’s diet? If so, we want to know your go-to recipes that your little ones love—leave a comment below!

— Scott Wardell and Susie Foresman


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