Though we can’t settle the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, we can share some fun ideas for what to do with your old egg cartons. With these creative ideas that range from making flower wreaths to space ships, you’ll keep your kids entertained for an afternoon and beyond. The main supply you’ll need is an empty egg carton and a bit of creativity. Browse our picks below and get imaginative as you re-purpose and play.

1. Flowery Wreath
Knock knock! We love this sweet craft from Huppie Mama–it’s as cheerful as it is kid-friendly. It’s hard to believe that you can create pretty flowers from egg cartons but these blooms are perfect for the kid who likes to paint.


Photo credit: Huppie Mama

2. Owl Friend
Who-who-who’s up for transforming an egg carton into a winged friend? This clever craft from Art and Soul Preschool is super easy and lets the kiddos look at an egg carton in a new light. If you have a decently-stocked craft drawer you likely have the googly eyes, feathers, and paint ready to go.


Photo credit: Art and Soul Preschool

3. Train
Dig through your recyclables because you’re just a few creative steps away from a fun upcycled train. This awesome idea comes from BonBon Break and is a great opportunity to use uncommon crafting materials and teach the kiddos about recycling.


Photo credit: Kristina via BonBon Break

 4. Watercolor Mobile
The ceiling’s the limit with this ultra-pretty mobile from Buzzmills. This easy-breezy creation uses watercolors (a kid fave) to create hanging flowers out of egg carton cups. The result is something worthy of a fancy window display–or maybe even a relaxing nursery.


Photo credit: Buzzmills

5. Masks
These fun craft from Teaching Every Day are not only opera-worthy, but great fun for masquerade dress-up. You only need a few supplies and it’s easy enough for younger crafters to do the majority of the steps. Customize with the kids’ favorite colors or add feathers for additional panache.


Photo credit: Teaching Every Day

6. Penguins
How cute are these little upcycled penguins from Green Owl Art? They’re just the right size for little hands and don’t require a lot of materials or time. Make ’em for a winter windowsill or just let them hang out all year long. Couple the activity with a viewing of Happy Feet, and you’ve got an egg-celent afternoon.


Photo credit: Green Owl Art

7. Firetruck
We like how this idea from Bringing History to the Public can be personalized to suit your little hero. Your kiddo prefers yellow firetrucks over red? Switch up the paint colors. Add a Fido friend if your family is Dalmatian-crazy. Don’t forget to add your own photos to the drivers seat of these fun trucks.


Photo credit: Bringing History to the Public

8. Crocodile
Here’s a smile, crocodile! This egg carton croc comes from My Kid Craft and is a lot of toothy fun. It needs three egg cartons, so you can use up multiple recyclables, and the kids can go green as they paint the body of this reptilian pal.

Egg Carton Croc

Photo credit: Lucy at My Kid Craft

9. Star Wars-worthy Space Ship
In a galaxy far, far away, there’s surely a Wookie who’d love to travel in this egg carton space ship. A perfect transport for action figures, Lego adventurers, and more, this ship is fueled by imagination–and an easy collaboration creation for parents and kids. Thanks to The Weisse Guys for the idea!

Star Wars

Photo credit: The Weisse Guys

10. Toy Camera
Thanks to Let’s Do Something Crafty, your little artists can snap the perfect pretend photo. Though this craft may need a bit more grown-up involvement, the kids can definitely help out with painting, braiding the camera strap, or arranging the different elements of the “camera.”


Photo credit: Let’s Do Something Crafty

Which egg-celent craft will you try with the kids? Tell us in the comment section below!

— Abigail Matsumoto