If you’ve got LEGO fanatics at home, then you’ll love this Etsy designer who builds replicas of real houses out of LEGO bricks. You can miniaturize your own house down to the tiniest detail, outside and in.

photo: Little Brick Lane

Artist and mom, Shari Austrian, recently launched a new Etsy shop called Little Brick Lane that will custom build a miniature replica of your house completely out of LEGOs. Using photos and blueprints of your house, Austrian can recreate everything including the interior.

photo: Little Brick Lane

According to her recent interview with Apartment Therapy, Austrian got inspired to build these LEGO miniatures by her own kids. “My now 7 year old twins, Emilia and Julian, reintroduced me to the world of LEGO just as we were having our new home built in 2015. I was fascinated by the design and construction of our home. My husband, Jonathan, our twins, and I were all so excited to move and I thought building a LEGO model of our home would be a special present for our family and a celebration of our new life,” she explained.

photo: Little Brick Lane

So far Austrian has built four custom LEGO houses, which have taken her 8-10 weeks each to complete. After getting a lot of positive feedback, she decided to open the Etsy shop and share her skills and passion with others. The custom houses start at $1,500. You can find more info at the Etsy shop here.

What are some of your family’s best LEGO creations? Share yours in the comments below.

—Shahrzad Warkentin