Chlorine pools, look out. The following natural watering holes will not only cool you down, they’ll entice you to parks and towns across the country you might otherwise overlook. From thermal baths in caves to waterfalls to brilliant blue grottos, click through the gallery to see amazing aquatic spots for you and your mer-crew to splash down.

Homestead Crater—Midway, Ut

A geothermal spring located inside a 55-foot-tall, beehive-shaped rock, you won’t find a more unique spot to dive, float, snorkel or splash about in the mineral waters. You can even take a paddleboard yoga class. With a constant temperature of 90-96 degrees, there’s just enough sunlight to illuminate the bright blue water through a hole at the top of the dome. But don’t worry, you won’t have to rappel into the pool, there’s side cave access. Located on the grounds of the Homestead Resort, anyone can visit during open hours for a $6 fee. Reservations are recommended.

700 North Homestead Dr.
Midway, Ut

photo: Homestead Resort



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— Amber Guetebier & Christal Yuen





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