photo: The Alice Sanctuary Facebook page

Reading out loud is a gift, both for the reader and the person, or in this case animal, that’s being read to. And at one animal sanctuary, kids are developing their reading skills thanks to some four-legged study buddies.

photo: The Alice Sanctuary Facebook page

At the Alice Sanctuary in Alberta, Canada, a new program invites young readers to partner up with animals for story time. Kids who are learning how to read, get the opportunity to practice reading out loud to the animals living at the sanctuary.

It all began when, Oliver, one of the pigs at the Sanctuary was injured and put on bed rest. A volunteer decided to read to him to keep him entertained, which seemed to comfort him. The idea quickly developed to help all 100 animals at the sanctuary, many of whom are learning how to build trust with humans again. The animals gain companionship and the kids strengthen their reading skills with a patient audience. It’s an adorable win-win!

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