photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company has just designed the greatest crib known to parent-kind. Max Motor Dreams, as the smart crib has been dubbed, mimics the experience of riding in a car to help your baby fall asleep so you never have to drive around your block thirty times in the middle of the night again. Pure genius. Keep reading to learn how this magical device works.

photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford’s unique invention uses your own car’s sounds and rhythms to help lull your baby to sleep. Using your smartphone, an app records the sounds and vibrations of your car as you drive and then uses that information to recreate a similar environment in the crib. A built-in speaker replays the sounds, while LED lights emulate street lamps and a gentle tilting movement mimics the movement of the car on the road. The only question left to ask is, who should you throw your money at to get one ASAP?

Unfortunately, for the moment, no one. The smart crib is actually a conceptual design for a campaign in Spain. However, since word has spread on this ingenious idea, Ford is considering fast tracking it for production. Fingers crossed.


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