Summer screams curbside lemonade stand. But, if you’re out of the sour stuff—and still want to widen your young entrepreneurs’ selling scope—here are five great alternatives that will get your little people selling out fast.

1. Otter Pop Stand
On a hot day, anything cold is sure to be a hit. So let your kids break open the freezer and get out the Otter Pops (also called Freezer Pops or Fun Pops) to sell to those who need something cold to quench their thirst. Hint: You can also pair the pops with some juice or fruit punch to make for double-hydration.

Psst: These pops have a heck of a profit margin! Walmart sells 36 of them for $2.48.

photo: Melissa Heckscher

2. Advice Stand
It worked for Charlie Brown and Lucy! Let your kids put on their doctor hats (and costumes, if they have them!) and dispense psychological help to anyone willing to pay a few pennies for a little kid-branded honesty. Kids say the darndest things, after all; your little doctors may just do some good.

photo: Pretty Prudent

3. Bake Sale
Bake sales are par for the course at school fundraisers; why not bake some yummy treats for a private streetside sale? This project gives your littles two activities to do: One, in helping you bake the goods; two, for bringing in the bucks when they sell them. Any leftovers can be frozen and stashed for a special occasion. Like tomorrow.

photo: Melissa Heckscher

4. Greeting Card Sale
Let your kids pen good wishes and illustrations onto their own homemade greeting cards. Since these creations take a bit of work on behalf of your aspiring Hallmarkers, your kids can charge a little more for each product ($1 a card isn’t unreasonable). They’ll be aspiring greeting card writers by day’s end.

photo: Patrick via Flickr

5. A Hose-Down Stand 
With temps rocketing well over 100 in much of the U.S., a nice misting of cool water might be worth a few pennies. Have your little water hosers hunker down by the street, ready to spray anyone who wants to pay a nickel or two for the instant cool-down. Don’t be surprised if your tots are soaking wet by the end of this little business venture.

Do you have any other ideas for things kids can do instead of a lemonade stand? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below. 

— Melissa Heckscher