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Snip, Buzz or Twist: 12 Hip Back-to-School Hair Styles

It’s that time of the day when you find yourself brushing your kiddos hair out of their face – again. And again. And again. We’re not quite sure if they can see through their veil, but we do know that we’d love to see their faces every once in a while. Since the summer heat isn’t letting up and the school year is right around the corner, we think now is the perfect time upgrade those tresses. From snipping a few locks to twisting the tendrils into a cute ‘do, this is a rare moment we wish we had 12 kids (thank goodness we don’t) — one for each style — but we’ll take these cool compliments our little ones get.


This classic bob is great for the round face tots. And for the girls who still want to put their hair up, this length is perfect to work with. Tie it up with an elastic during hot summer days, or leave it down for a more elegant affairs.

An edgier, more modern look is this blunt bangs and layered bob combo. Every girl would be excited to have this hair style, it’s a fashion statement in itself. Layered ends will give life to the bob, and the bangs won’t have her swiping her face as she plays with her friends.

For the girls who are saving their hair and don’t want to hear those scissors snip, this ballerina look is simple and adorable. With a bit of bobby pins, two elastics and ribbons for decor, your little girl will be dancing without anything in her way.

Complete your kiddos long hair with this hip look. Your little one might have beautiful long hair that gets all over the place. Tying it up partially will get the sparse bits out of their face, and leave the hair looking full as it’s meant to be.

With a tutorial from mom blogger Rachelle, this twisted up-do looks great for showing off your little one at events or making her the envy of her class. It’s a simple four-step process that brings all the hair up into a beautiful twist.

Ombre hair was all the rage last season. Your kiddo has probably asked why their hair can’t be two colors at once. That’s why we couldn’t resist sharing this DIY dip-dye tutorial. Rather than Kool-Aid packets or harmful chemicals, Kevin Murphy’s hair shadow is a great alternative, and would look great on any hair that sways above the shoulders to below the bum.


One look at that nest and you know your kiddo has pop’s unmanageable hair? We know you don’t have all the time to wait before your kid is walking into walls, and a great way to tame those locks is by cutting bangs above the eyebrows. Curly hair is no excuse, it’s time to clear the face and relieve those pretty eyes!

If your kiddo doesn’t want to style his hair in the early mornings, this messy mop will be easy to work with. You don’t have to worry about hair being in the right place as it’s clean around the neck and ears, and bangs can sway either way.

Maybe your boy likes to rock the shorter cuts. If you can get them to still for about five minutes in the morning, this fo-hawk look is always a winner (especially with moms and girls). Your kiddo will look fresh and spunky with a little gel and shine.

We’ll make a guess that the screaming is your boy’s inner rockstar and not a tantrum being played out. Let him show off his style with this Mohawk cut that can be spiked up with gel or worn down for a softer look. Business in the front, party in the back!

Keep everything short, and your boy’s hair might just style up on it’s own. Trim and cut away like this mom did, leaving a clean but styled look. A little wax or gel can get the slick texture, but we think the natural look is always the best for kiddos.

We love how this pop didn’t shy away from dressing his kid with his own flair. After all, the parents need to get some pleasure from bringing their screaming tot to the salon. If your kiddo can sit still long enough to procure this cut, we’re sure fashionistas will be running after you with a camera.

More often than not, moms and pops will cut their kiddos hair instead of bringing them to a salon. Here’s a great tutorial by mom blogger, artist, designer and crafter, Yvonne, on how to make your own haircutting cape. We’re sure your kid and you will be more excited about donning this than a garbage bag.

Did we miss out on a cool hairstyle that your kiddo likes to sport? Post up a photo or tell us your inspirations in the comment section below. 

— Christal Yuen

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