Unless your trick-or-treater plans on going out on Halloween night dressed as an angler fish, or anything else that might have lights built in, it’s up to Mom and Dad to provide the night-vision gear for a fun and safe adventure. Scroll down for nine ways to keep your kids visible while roaming the ‘hood.

Glow in the Dark Tapephoto: Duck Brand

1. Glow in the Dark Tape
For an easy solution, have a roll (or two!) of Glow in the Dark Tape on hand for the big night. You can tape up their buckets, shoes and costumes for a unique look that’s easy to see from afar, and it even works for those wagons you’ll be using to tote the tiny trick-or-treaters from house to house.

Available at Amazon.com, $8.79 per roll.


2. Reflective Necklaces
A bit of glow is always a good idea on Halloween night. Not only does it add to the spook factor, but it keeps little ghouls and boos in the light. The adorable selection of cute characters and the price tag make us think these reflective necklaces are a sweet pick.

Available on Amazon.com, $16.99 for 36.

reflectivecostumes_trickortreatsafety_halloween_national_redtricyclephoto: Presidio of Monterey via flickr creative commons

3. Ready-to-Wear Costumes
Do all the safety prep work ahead of time by purchasing a costume that comes with the stuff built in. Melissa and Doug has several get-ups, including a construction worker, firefighter and policeperson, all lined with reflective strips.

Available at Melissanddoug.com, $29.99.


4. Light Up Accessories
They’ll be needing the accessories anyways, so why not make your Snow Queen or Jedi Knight’s essential gear glow bright?  Light-up wands, swords, and shields are all great ways to keep your costumed cuties safe.

Wand available at Amazon.com, $9.99.

Lighsaber available at Amazon.com, $25.47.


5. Glow Sticks
We’ve never met a kid who doesn’t try to wear as many glow sticks as possible when given the chance, and Halloween night is no exception. They can make bracelets, necklaces, lassos or whatever else they can conjure up, with a glow stick party pack. Just break, shake, and glow.

Available at Amazon.com, $14.99 for 100.


6. LED Flashing Glasses
Take a cue from Kanye West and have the littles sport slotted shades. The LED feature can be set to three different speeds, and the brightness means you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly how far ahead your kids have trekked. Bonus! This roving disco party has the potential to be as attention grabbing as Kimye and North West.

Available at Amazon.com, $14.59 for 12.


7. Reflective Buckets & Bags
They’re going to need a bucket, so why not grab a durable one that’ll will stick around for a few years? This LEGO bag has four reflective patches for 360 visibility, a D-ring for a flashlight, and has a clear EVA tarpaulin base for protection against wet nights. For a more simple version, try this glow in the dark bucket.

Available at Toysrus.com, $14.99.


8. Flashlights
Light up the night with a flashlight, because after all these years and new gadgets, nothing does the trick quite like the original illuminator. These days, you can buy special Halloween flashlights (with realistic haunting sounds) as well as ones shaped like your child’s favorite character. We still love this adorable bumble bee version from Melissa and Doug and the mini-version of the classic MagLite is also a great pick for it’s lightweight, slim design that fits perfectly into little hands.

Available at Amazon.com, $12.99.


9. Headlamps
For the tiny tots who don’t want to lug a flashlight around, a mini headlamp should do the trick. Your petite princesses and mini monsters will love the lightweight (no bobbing!) feel of this version from Shining Buddy. You’ll love the price tag. For a little extra fun, check out this LEGO <i>Star Wars</i> Darth Vader version!

Available from Amazon.com, $12.97.

How do you keep your kids safe and visible on Halloween? We would love to hear your ideas in a comment below.

— Gabby Cullen

Feature photo: Megan Murphy for Smithsonian National Zoo via flickr