photo: Leah Singer

Hanukkah, Hanukkah, come light the menorah…or in this case, make one! We started celebrating by making our own paper menorah out of—wait for it—toilet paper rolls.

Here’s what you need:
9 toilet paper rolls (1 for the pattern and 8 for the candles)
1 paper towel roll (for the shamash)
blue and white construction paper
yellow felt or construction paper
gold glitter
glue gun

Here’s how to make it: 
The first thing we did was cut out nine candle flames from the felt. I gave Sophie the important task of putting glue on each flame and dousing them with glitter. Have I mentioned there is glitter all over my house?


Next, get your toilet paper and paper towel rolls ready. Cut a candle pattern with one of the rolls, like this.


I then proceeded to use this pattern to make candles out of the remaining toilet paper rolls. I did the same with the shamash, but made it taller since it is the most important candle that lights the others. I took it a step further and used the patter on blue and white construction paper to glue over the toilet paper candles. You don’t have to do this. But I liked the blue and white.

By the way, I had to do most of this cutting work. But if you have kids who are slightly older and can follow a pattern with scissors, by all means, have them do it! Once the candles were ready, we used a glue gun to affix the flames.


Once that final task was complete, we lined up our menorah candles to admire our Hanukkah craft. So there you have it — a fun Hanukkah craft for one of the eight crazy nights! Happy Hanukkah!

Do you have a favorite menorah or Hanukkah craft? Share it with us in the comments below!