You’ve made your list and checked it twice. Now it’s time to shop! Here is our 2016 gift guide that will help you find the best and newest gifts for everyone on your list. From gifts that’ll get your kids building and tinkering to presents that spark their imaginations, we’ve rounded up tons of ideas in this year’s gift guide that are guaranteed show stoppers.

Best Gifts for a Two-Year-Old

Shopping for a two-year-old can be as much of a whirlwind as spending time with one. Slow down (deep breath) and focus your energy on gifts that are sure to be hits. Here are 19 picks that any two-year-old will love. Discover the best and most appropriate gifts for a two year old here. 

Musical Plane



Best Gifts for a Three-Year-Old

What’s the answer to a three-year-old’s dreams? Pretend play sets, craft supplies and amazing games. Flip through our album for gifts that’ll please the little adventurer on your list. Find our picks here.





Best Gifts for Preschoolers

Preschoolers grow and change faster than you can blink an eye. Get the most out of this amazing stage with holiday gifts that’ll keep them engaged and excited. Click through to ease your shopping stress.

Worry Eaters




Gifts for School-Age Kids

They might complain about homework, but they’ll have no problem buckling down to create their holiday wish list. Click through this album to see what’s new in toys for the school-age set, from Electro-Dough to Hatchimals.





Gifts for the Entire Family

When it comes to gifts worthy of whole family, we’ve got a list that will be sure to register a total win. From games and kits that encourage time together to sentimental gifts that help make memories, our family gift guide is here to deliver presents that last long after the holiday lights have faded. Click here for the scoop!
Record Family Stories with StoryWorth




Great Gifts for Under $20

You want to check off every kiddo on your list but the holiday season can really take a toll on a parent’s pocketbook. Which is why we’ve spent countless hours culling through dozens of products to come up with the best and newest gifts that won’t break the bankCheck them all out right here.
Gas Out

From Old School to Cutting Edge: Gifts for Savvy Tech Tots

Your kids fingers swipe faster than you can say, abracadabra. Put the magic back into technology this holiday season for even the most digitally-savvy mini-techie. From nifty gaming systems to robotics to electronic kits, your kids will flip for these gifts.

The Nintendo Classic Mini Is Back!




Artsy Gifts for Creative Kids

Your mini-Monet’s list is short and simple this year. It just reads, “art stuff!” We can help you expand on those creative cravings with the newest and hottest supplies, kits and even a subscription box for aspiring artists. Flip through to find one that suits your sidekick’s fancy!

Chalkboard Nesting Dolls




Give the Gift of Family Travel

Take your family on a quest—local or global— and inspire your littles to become adventure-seekers and doers, grabbing experiences by the horns. Bring your camera, thirst for adventure, and your family to one (or several) of these amazing destinations in 2017.

Bend, Oregon




Stocking Stuffers That Pack Big Fun

You’ve hung them by the chimney with care. Now, fill them. Here are our picks for great gifts that are sized for stockings but pack big fun.

Wacky Whirler Flying Helicopter

Love any of our picks? Tell us who you’ll be shopping for this year and what you’ll be buying him or her!