When Adriana Formica Garcia was getting ready to plan her dino-crazy son JD’s third birthday party, the theme was a no brainer: dinosaurs, of course! JD is a longtime fan of the Natural History Museum and just can’t get enough of the Dinosaur Hall, so Adriana made magic happen and planned his prehistoric party at the museum with everything from dinosaur egg party favors to a game of pin the horn on the triceratops. Click through the slideshow below to see how she pulled it all off.

Adriana made these adorable invitations herself, getting the little ones excited for the party with a fun dino figurine.


Are your kids into dinosaurs? What do you think they’d like best about this party?

— Susie Foresman

Photos courtesy of Kersti Kooiman Photography. To see more photos, check out Adriana’s blog, Quaintly Garcia.

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