Your wanna-be B.B. King keeps creating riffs while your little Quest Love is keeping the beat. Good news! Your kids love music as much as you do, and they aren’t the only ones tuning in. From a musical prodigy to a second grader whose lyrics really flow, flip through our album below to check out a group of incredible (and musical) kids that move to the beat of their own drum.

Logan “Robot” Gladden

Logan “Robot” Gladden feels like he’s been playing drums all his life, and since he started at 18 months, it’s nearly true! With pots and pans as his first instruments, he moved on to a real set of drums at age one, and added in the the piano at age six. When Logan was seven, he and a few other talented kids formed The Robotix (the band was a finalist on America’s Got Talent Season 8), and they still play together whenever possible. Nowadays Logan is a full-time seventh grader, which keeps him busy, but he plays as many gigs as he can, and is constantly writing songs and composing music in his free time.

Logan has played over 300 live shows in historic venues ranging from Whiskey a GoGo in Hollywood to Radio City Music Hall in NYC and the Stone Pony in Ashbury Park, Nj. In 2016 Logan was thrilled to perform with two of his favorite bands—legendary ‘70s rock band KISS (drummer Eric Singer is a huge inspiration) and new favorite The Struts. He loves sharing the stage with amazing musicians and hopes to one day perform with his all-time favorite—Paul McCartney! Look for Logan to make waves in 2017, he’s got some exciting projects in the works. Click here to check out a few of Logan’s performances on YouTube.

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—Gabby Cullen