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grove tree

Merry and *Bright*: Your Guide to the Best LA Tree Lightings

Kick off the holidays with a bright start at one of our favorite electrifying tree lighting ceremonies in town.

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10 Boredom Busting Winter Break Camps for Kids

These crazy cool camps will keep boredom at bay (and kids happy & out of your hair) during the upcoming winter break.

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Top 10 Free (or Cheap) Things to Do with Kids Under Five

From riding the metro to talking with the animals, check out our top ten picks for things to do in LA that offer up plenty o’ fun without breaking the bank.

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Peek Inside Zoe Nathan’s Kitchen (Recipe Included!)

We take you inside the kitchen of Zoe Nathan (local pastry chef and mom extraordinaire) for healthy pancakes that make everyone go gobble gobble.

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Fab Food Trucks That Cater Pint-Sized Parties

No chopping, no shopping, no baking, no pizza, no schlepping = no stress! Just hire one of these kid favorite trucks to cater your next birthday party.

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Laugh Till You Cry: @LosFelizDayCare

LA might be ground zero for crazy and obsessive parenting practices. Would your kids fit in at the fictional and hilarious Los Feliz Day Care? Find out!

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Theater for Tykes: The Best Live Shows for Kids

Need more drama in your life? Catch a show at one of the best children’s theater companies in Los Angeles.

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6 Iconic LA Eateries Kids Love

From the Apple Pan to the Pantry, take the kids on an tasty history lesson on the City of Angels.

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Trash to Treasure: Eco-Friendly Art Studios

Reusing and recycling get a creative twist at these art studios where you can go green with eco-friendly projects for kids.

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Grand Central Market Is Better Than Ever

Yes, it’s true: the hottest eating spot in LA is over 100 years old. With gourmet cuisine, one of the best grilled cheese sammies in town and top notch ice cream, there’s something for everyone.

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Reading Comics at the Comic Bug

Just Opened: The Comic Bug Invades Culver City

If you’ve got a little crime fighter on your hands, it’s time to fly over to Culver City, where The Comic Bug has just landed.

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Our Big Delicious Guide To Where Kids Eat Free

Yes, there is such a thing as a free meal! Here are our favorite spots where kids can eat for free from the South Bay to the Valley and all points in between.

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Now Playing: A Hollywood Costume Exhibit That Dazzles

If you’ve dreamed of slipping on Dorothy’s slippers or soaring like Superman, this movie lovers costume exhibit is tailor made for you.

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Just Opened: Mac-O-Licious in Valley Village

Banish the blue box! Mac and cheese went full gourmet at this new restaurant and we’re first in line to dish on the dish.

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Check Out LA’s Central Library

“Dewey” ever love the library! Especially the Grand Central Library in Downtown LA – a great spot for kids to check out people and history along with their books.

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