We all know driving is a way of life here in L.A. but with the invention of the podcast, getting from the eastside to the westside during rush hour traffic is, dare I say, pleasurable? Some of our favorite podcasts are by LA Moms and they are totally giving us more reasons to stay in our car long after we’ve reached our destination (or sit in the car for a few extra minutes before heading into the school for pickup amiright?). From hilarious and thoughtful to educational and tear-jerking, scroll through to find your next favorite download.

photo: Heather Brooker

Motherhood in Hollywood

Heather Brooker is a former reporter-turned-actress who is seriously funny and as she says, is “no expert in parenting or acting. But I’m passionate about both. Which clearly gives me license to talk about them on the internet.” From interviews with celebrities like Cheryl Hines and Jordana Brewster to producers, writers and everyone in between, Brooker gives listeners an inside look at the entertainment industry from a parent’s point of view. Download it here: motherhoodinhollywood.com


Atomic Moms with Ellie Knaus

Featured on iTunes as one of its most popular recommends, Ellie Knaus, a stay-at-home mom of two, brings on parenting experts, moms from around the world, and New York Times best-selling authors to discuss the highs and lows of parenting. Everything from postpartum and sleep training to mom guilt and in-laws is on the table so be prepared for lively conversation every week. Download it here: atomicmoms.com

Reality Life with Kate Casey

If you are missing life in the office where you get to recap your favorite reality television shows, then meet your new water cooler friend Kate Casey. Interviews include stars of reality shows past and present but if the podcast isn’t enough, check out her website for additional episode musings along with her funny take on parenting, celebrities, and pop culture. Download it here: realitylife.com

Super Mamas

Paulina and Bricia Lopez, sisters and (relatively) new mamas bring the essence of inclusivity to their hour-long podcast. This heartfelt listen will have you feeling inspired, and according to their site, you’ll “Laugh and cry along with the Super Mamas every week as they share their stories with friends, experts and each other.” Download it here: supermamas.com

Smartest Person in the Room

Former co-host of Sorta Awesome (another well, awesome, podcast), Laura Tremaine now hosts The Smartest Person in the Room where she seeks out information from experts in their field. From religion and health to Hollywood, soon you’ll feel smarter just by listening. Download it here: smartestpersonintheroom.com

For Crying Out Loud

Lynette Carolla, a TV executive, and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, a comedy writer and best-selling parenting author of “Sippy Cups are Not For Chardonnay” are both mothers of twins (!) breaking it down parenting style. From marriages and kids (including hot-button topics like sleep-training) and a light-hearted dose of pop culture, the format is akin to hanging with your mom group, especially useful when your mom-tribe is scattered. Download it here: forcryingoutloud.com

Expressing Motherhood

Lindsey Kavet takes the ever popular and transformative experience from the shows Expressing Motherhood and gives them a new platform via the podcast. Now you can basque in the equally funny and heartbreaking stories from mothers that unite all of us. Download it here: expressingmotherhood.com

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Let us know in the comments below!

—Andie Huber



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