So you’ve already rented the bounce house or scheduled the game truck—how about adding a little something extra to make your kiddo’s big birthday bash even better? We’ve uncovered party entertainment you never knew you needed, from pancake art to puppies (available by the hour!). Check out our fabulous finds that will wow your guests both young and old.

Cotton Candy Creations

There was a time when cotton candy was just a big wisp of pink or blue atop a paper cone. Not anymore: Now it's an art form (because Instagram). And we're pretty confident that even the grown-ups at your party will get in on the fluffy, candy-swirled action.

There are a few "cotton candy artists" in LA, but we like Cloud Food Creations for its overall adorableness, Hollywood Candy Girls for its "Glow Cotton Candy" (there's a glow stick in the middle!), and Vita Perfetta for its versatility (they do everything from sculpted animal faces to fluff-driven s'mores, macaroons and tacos). Whichever you choose, you'll never see or eat, cotton candy the same again. 

Cost: Varies based on size of party and service required. 



Ice Cream Truck Rental

Everybody's seen the Pavlovian glee that overcomes any kid upon hearing that unmistakable ice cream truck jingle. Well, now's about time you made sure that truck was headed right to your child's party!

All American Softy brings the old-fashioned ice cream truck directly to you—effectively making you the coolest mom on the block while also providing a yummy treat to go with that birthday cake. The company specializes in soft serve ice cream (swirled perfectly into waffle cones and topped with sprinkles or syrups) but also offers scooped ice cream, popsicles, root beer floats and slushies. 

Cost: $250 and up depending on the package. 


OMG Puppies!

If your birthday girl or boy is a dog-lover, the aptly-named Puppies And Reptiles For Parties will deliver 10 sweet-natured pups for all your guests to enjoy. The party can be set up indoors or out, and as long as there's enough people doing the petting and plenty of warm, cozy laps to crawl into, the doggies will enjoy the shindig as much as the party-goers. Now everybody say, "Awwwwww."  

Cost: $225 for the first hour; $90 for every 30 minutes after that. 


Pancake Art

What, you thought making pancakes was a simple job? Just wait until you see the artistry behind these hot cakes. Party guests can choose from all sorts of fun designs, all of which will make pancakes at home forever pale in comparison. Making these edible works of art takes a little time—and the price tag doesn't exactly make for a cheap breakfast—but it's fun to watch, and way more interesting than cupcakes. 

Insider Tip: Check out this Youtube video to see why you need these pancake artists at your next party.

Cost: $275 per hour plus a $250 set up (includes a pancake artist and an assistant). Two hour minimum.  


Make-Your-Own Sunglasses

If your party is so bright you've got to wear shades—make your own! Vita Perfetta "Party Sunglasses" package lets guests assemble their very own pair of sunglass using mix and match frames and arms as well as stickers and jewels. Who needs party favors when the kids can take home their too cool for school creations? 

Cost: $350 per hour (includes two artists and up to 100 pairs of sunglasses).   


photo: Melissa Heckscher

Karaoke Machine

It doesn't have to be a full-on karaoke party to have a karaoke machine ready and waiting. For $30 from Joymode, a local company that lets you rent the sort of stuff you love but don't want to actually buy, it's an easy add-on that may take your party up a notch. Joymode's "Home Karaoke" package includes a microphone, a Singtrix Home Karaoke System, and an LED dome party light to turn your home in to a bona fide disco. Just use your tablet or phone to load karaoke songs and let your little rock stars take the stage. 

Good to Know: Joymode also has a backyard movie night package that includes a projector and movie screen; a Wii U rental that comes with Mario games as well as an outdoor party package that includes a tug of war rope, potato sacks, a cotton candy machine and a giant Connect Four board. Party games? Done! 

Price: $30 for a weekend (prices may vary depending on membership package) 


Food Cart Rentals

You can bake a cake, but can you cook a churro? Or twist a soft pretzel? There's a food cart for that! Let's Have a Cart specializes in retro-styled food carts that serve up everything from kosher hot dogs, tacos and hamburgers to pretzels, candy apples, hot cookies and s'mores. You can rent one or several trucks at a time to provide anything from a snack to a full meal.   

Cost: Prices vary.


Glitter Tattoos

Sure, you could grab a few inspired parents and apply the temporary tats yourselves or you could hire an expert to do the job! Google "glitter tattoo artists" and you'll probably get a surplus of choices, but we love Sheroes Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based company that lists glitter tattoos among its impressive roster of event services including renting unicorns #bestbirthdayever. The tattoos are skin-safe (they use FDA approved cosmetic grade glitters and glues) and can last up to three days, meaning your child's guests will be thinking about the party for a few days to come. Success!

Price: $250 and up. 


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—Melissa Heckscher


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