If you’ve got a mini Meryl Streep or budding Bobby DeNiro who’s dying to play movie star for a day, you’re in luck! Red Carpet Kids is making its official LA debut at The Peninsula Beverly Hills and offers your aspiring Oscar winners a once-in-a-lifetime red carpet experience that will leave them (and you) singing, “Hooray for Hollywood!”

IMG_0707photo: Red Carpet Kids at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Red Carpet Kids History
Red Carpet Kids is the brainchild of entertainment industry vets, Eva Shure and her fiancee, Craig Saslow. One evening, while strolling past the famous Ziegfield Theater near their home in New York City, the pair encountered a red carpet movie premiere in full swing. Having worked in the biz for years themselves, they commented how fun it would be if everyone could experience making a film and walking the red carpet at some point in their lives. It was at that moment, Red Carpet Kids was born. They took the money they’d stashed away for their wedding and started a business that quickly became the toast of NYC’s pint-sized party circuit.

IMG_0785photo: Red Carpet Kids at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

LA Premiere
With all their success in New York, this dynamic duo knew the next logical step was bringing Red Carpet Kids to the home of the red carpet: Tinseltown. Now, in partnership with the Peninsula Beverly Hills, parents can treat their tots and respective entourage to an exclusive “World Premiere Experience” either as a special family reunion activity or the coolest birthday celebration on the planet.

12764577_970758779657177_1961225271636104800_ophoto: Red Carpet Kids via Facebook

First, You Gotta Work
The star-studded bash begins upon arrival at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. The guest of honor and their pals are warmly welcomed by their very own Red Carpet Kids Butler, who doles out all-access VIP passes for the event. Next, kiddos are escorted to a flashbulb-frenzied press stage where paparazzi and a correspondent from RCK-TV await them. Kiddos have an opportunity to answer their fans’ most burning questions before the Butler whisks them off to makeup and wardrobe with their personal glam squad. Next, tykes are taken to set where they’ll star in a thrilling live-action film shoot, complete with a professional director, crew, props and impressive special effects. After filming wraps, an uber exclusive party awaits in the Peninsula’s VIP dining room. Babes will enjoy an array of delicious delights, a DJ spinning their favorite jamz and a killer dance party. But the fun doesn’t end there.

10669238_732296316836759_5150033609910772216_ophoto: Red Carpet Kids via Facebook

The Eponymous Red Carpet
Next, young divas take a private limo to the Paley Center Theater where they’ll go full Blue Steel on the red carpet before checking out the world premiere of their film. And goodness knows it wouldn’t be Hollywood without an awards show, so an awards ceremony soon follows with obligatory speeches and custom swag bags. Perhaps Tina and Amy will host? Hey, it could happen.

The “World Premiere Experience” includes up to 25 guests, but families are welcome to add more upon request. There are additional options available for parents and adults to jump in on the fun as well, and this is a great family reunion party planned for you, where you get a wonderful keepsake (the film, starting your family). And mom and dad needn’t worry about snapping pics all day—a VIP photog is on hand throughout the event to capture every tabloid-worthy moment.

IMG_0816photo: Red Carpet Kids at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Why Parents Dig It
Let’s face it, the “full-service” aspect of a Red Carpet Kids soiree takes a huge amount of stress off the parental unit’s plate. Their only job is to show up and have fun. When was the last party you were able to do that?

Most importantly though, Red Carpet Kids gives tots and their families a one-of-a-kind creative experience they’ll never find anywhere else in the world. Kiddos get to use their imagination and individuality to create memories they’ll have the rest of their lives. And who knows, maybe it’ll even inspire them to become actors some day. Okay, fine. Doctors who treat actors.

Keepsakes: After the event, the family receives a gorgeous photography book, as well as the film they created.

Price: Not for the faint of heart, all-inclusive pricing starts at $12,000 at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. No one said raising a mega star was cheap.


Red Carpet Kids at The Peninsula Beverly Hills
9882 S. Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills
Online: beverlyhills.peninsula.com/en/special-offers/red-carpet-kids

If you book a Red Carpet Kids experience, we’d love to hear how it goes! Let us know in the comments below!

–Jennifer O’Brien