Ready to rock, drumming on everything, head banging from birth. If your tot wants to rock and roll all night, or at least part of every day these schools teach them the basics of music, with a side of showmanship, band mate camaraderie and a heck of a lot of fun. Because you’re never too young to rock!

school of rock guitarphoto: Meghan Rose

School of Rock
They bang on pots and pans, air guitar all day and belt Adele in the shower, but drag feet with piano practice. Sound familiar? Bring your lil’ rockers to School of Rock, where the amazing teachers, who are real rockers themselves, will inspire your kids to beg for more practice time. In addition to private lessons, one of the coolest things about the school is the Rock 101 program, where kids take private lessons AND play in a band, so they’ll learn a lot about team building and performing while also mastering the fundamentals: scales, chords, notes, time signatures and more. They’ll be ready to rock in no time, and you’ll love seeing them perform at the end of session concerts in real rock venues. Check out their camps and special classes that focus on a style or artist, too. These classes are for kids 6 & up.

Sweet dreams are made of these: Next to the School of Rock is Cake Monkey. It’s kind of the unofficial post-class hang out. Everyone at the bakery knows the rockers and will ask you about your lessons and teachers when you stop by. It’s like Cheers for young shredders!

7801 Beverly Blvd.

silverlake conservatoryphoto: Gary Leonard via The Silverlake Conservatory on Facebook

Silverlake Conservatory
Founded by Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea (who is also a classically trained trumpet player), kids can take classes in the brand new building in Silverlake on pretty much any instrument you can think of, including drums, keyboard and guitar. But you can also take classes that teach kids how to be part of a band (Live Wire), write songs (Blooming Tunemiths) or even start learning the fundamentals of rocking, like singing, drumming and music notation as young as 4 years old (Bang! Zoom).

What I got you gotta give it to your mamma: One of the class options (on hiatus for Fall 2016) is Family String Band where mammas, papas and kids (grades 2 & up) can make music together. Young ones can pluck out a simple tune on ukuleles while grown up shredders can really jam.

4652 Hollywood Blvd.

$10 Music Lesson Day!photo: Green Brooms Music Academy

Green Brooms Music Academy
This is a great place for the whole family to get (back?) into music together. There are lessons for all ages and abilities for singing, rock band instruments (drums, guitar, bass, keyboards) as well as classical instruments for rusty parents. Sign yourself up for some tune up lessons while your little rocker jams and learns music theory and notation with kind and patient teachers. Laid-back recitals for family and friends nip performance anxiety in the bud.

Til the sun goes down over Santa Monica Blvd.: Convenient! You can choose from the location in South Pasadena or Santa Monica, and take classes until 9 p.m.

neighborhood rock schoolphoto: Neighborhood Rock School via Facebook

Neighborhood Rock School
Probably your kiddo wants to rock and roll. But in case they happen to love country, folk, blues, rap or something else, the teachers at Neighborhood Rock School will work with the genre each mini musician responds to, so that they’re excited to learn. Take private lessons on the instrument of your choice (drums, guitar, bass, voice, or keyboards) for ½-1 hour once a week, or join a house band that meets weekly for a professional band coach to guide them and help play together, stay together and eventually write original songs.

Wake me up before you go-go: The kids can perform at real rock venues, like the Whiskey A Go-Go with their bandmates.

2805 N. Glenoaks Blvd.

rock camp girlsphoto: Marisa D. via Rock Camp For Girls Facebook

Rock Camp for Girls
This one isn’t for everyone. Literally. It’s just for girls (or anyone who identifies as female) and is a camp that only takes place in the summer, but it’s so fun we have to mention it now and you can bookmark it for later. In one short week packed with girl power, rockin’ grrrls will learn an instrument, form a band with other campers, write a song, and perform it at a professional music venue. They also get workshops, meet & greets and performances by well-known female musicians.

Girls just wanna have fun: All girls! If mom (or Grandma) has always had some Joan Jett or Beyonce inside just dying to get out, learn about their Ladies Rock Camp, which is a 3-day version of summer camp that’s open to those 18 & up with any, or no, musical background and ability.



If your family were a rock band, what rock band would you be? Let us know in the comment section!

—Meghan Rose