In LA, we’re known for our palm trees, but come Christmas time, nothing gets between an Angeleno and their fir (or maybe spruce or pine). These Christmas tree selecting spots offer every variety: live trees, chopped trees, pink flocked, table toppers and 15 foot behemoths.  You can also pick from chop-your-own, supporting schools, home delivery, contributing to charity, taking a train to your selection or having it tied to your roof in a city parking lot.

A Christmas Carnival at Shawn’s

You need the tree, they want to play. Shawn's is the place to combine the two with a petting zoo, train ride, pony rides, face painting, bouncing houses, Santa and seasonal treats to enjoy a very festive outing. You’ll also come home with any kind of tree you can image (including Fraser Firs from North Carolina), garland, wreaths and any other décor you desire. For flocking or fire retardant treatments, you need to go to the La Cienega location.

Inside Tips: Check before you go to make sure the play area is open—sometimes it has to close due to weather conditions.

Locations: Los Angeles & Palms (New this year.)
Hours: Open daily from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas from 9 a.m.–9 p.m.

photo: Shawn's Christmas Trees

  • A Christmas Carnival at Shawn’s
  • Play George Washington
  • Meet the Tree Matchmaker
  • All Aboard the Christmas Tree Train
  • For the Littlest of Conductors
  • Get That Country Feeling
  • Be Santa For Local School Kids
  • Table Top to Terribly Tall Trees
  • Do Good at a Delancey Lot
  • Deck The Halls
  • Save The Earth
  • Superb Service With A Smile
  • A Tree GOOP Would Approve
  • Get a Tree For Not a “Lot”

Which Christmas tree lot does your family visit year after year? Or, do you opt for an artificial tree—we want to know!

additional image by Shari via Flickr