9 Local Spots for Spectacular Fall Foliage

What says fall? Pumpkin spice lattes hitting the coffee shops. Pumpkin patches, apple picking and Halloween costumes. And fall foliage – that beautiful rainbow of leaves you can crunch through and jump in. But in a city where the streets are lined with palm trees, it’s hard to find those autumn colors.  Here’s where you can see those beautiful gold and red leaves – without hopping a plane to Vermont.

Solstice Canyon
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Solstice Canyon

The Santa Monica Mountains provide some of the best opportunities for local leaf peeping. Solstice Canyon is a great spot to see some fall color, enjoy a picnic, and take a nice easy hike. Populated with local deciduous trees, you’ll be sure to spot some falling yellow and red leaves through the beginning of December.

Corral Canyon Rd.
Malibu, Ca
Online: nps.gov/samo/planyourvisit/solsticecanyon.htm

  1. Solstice Canyon
  2. Malibu Creek State Park
  3. The Arboretum
  4. Lacy Park
  5. West Valley

Where do you take the family when you are trying to feel the fall spirit?

–Kate Woodruff Felton

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