On the list of parent perks, playing the Tooth Fairy ranks pretty high. Admittedly, her exchange isn’t quite as coveted as what’s left by the big man in red, or even what’s handed out by all those strangers on Halloween (as far as your kiddos are concerned, anyway). But that first tooth fairy visit is a magical milestone. And with a flurry of fairy dust, maybe a tiny personalized letter, and just the right pillow, parents can add to the mythic mystery of the most famous fairy of all. So, get ready to be inspired, then sit back and wait for the oohs, ahhs and wide-eyed excitement that are all part of those perks. Who knows, the Tooth Fairy might just give Santa a run for his money after all.

Santa’s got a chimney, so why shouldn’t the tooth fairy have her own special entrance as well? Mount one of these mini doors from ParkerJ on your kiddo’s wall while she’s sleeping, and then expect squeals of delight early in the morning. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Complete with a little wooden ladder and bowl to keep the tooth and the loot, this door easily mounts with double-sided tape and even comes with a cute fairy key. Looks like Tink might have reason to be jealous.

Cost: $22
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–Allison Sutcliffe

Photos thanks to: The Brick Kiln’s Etsy Shop, Lisa Moore, The Party Artisan’s Etsy Shop , Baby Paige’s Etsy Shop, Kristy Heim, Oeuf, Parker J’s Etsy Shop, www.makinglifewhimsical.com, www.rememberwynn.com