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15 Cool Pumpkin Carving Templates That Wow

If you’re a pumpkin carving traditionalist happy with triangle eyes and a jagged mouth, but want to venture into more creative carving techniques here’s your chance. We’ve outlined 15 cool pumpkin carving templates from a ghost to Mickey Mouse to even Hello Kitty. Just keep in mind the difficulty level based on the age of your kids as some designs are best fit for a more advanced set of hands. Happy carving!

Vampire Pac-Man
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Vampire Pac-Man

This design from Fantasy Jr. takes us back to our days of Pac-Man and pinball machines—with a Halloween twist! The large blocks of pumpkin to be cut out make this a pretty easy design for little ones to pull off, too.

  1. Vampire Pac-Man
  2. Spooky Cat
  3. Witch and Bat
  4. Wild Thing
  5. Friendly Ghost
  6. Next

What type of designs will you carve on your pumpkins this year? Let us know below!

– Susie Foresman

featured photo credit: Woodleywonderworks via Flickr

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